S-STEM classes 2019-2020

Mechanical Engineering Courses

ME 520/420: Thermal Systems Design

ME 521/421: HVAC Fundamental 

ME 524/424: HVAC System Design and Controls

ME 525/425: Advanced Topics in Building Science


Civil Engineering Courses

CE 324: Ele. Struct Analysis

CE 325: Int Structures

CE 371: Env. Eng

CE 516/416: Forensic Struc. Eng

CE 416: Timber Design

CE 524/423: Vib analysis

CE 432: Structural Steel Design 

CE 434: Principles of reinforced concrete

CE 435 Design of reinforced concrete

CE 436: Masonry design 

CE540/440: Geosynthetics in infrastructure eng

CE 488: Air quality

CE 514/412: Sustanability in Civil and Environmental Eng. Sem

CE 637/537/437: Earthquake Eng