The resources available in the GBRL are outlined below.

GBRL Capabilities

The Green Building Research Laboratory houses facilities and equipment for both fundamental research and applied measurements in support of building science and air quality research. 

    The GBRL has a university-approved fee schedule for use of our equipment and services. Please contact Dr. Gall for an up to date fee schedule. 

    Portland IRB60

    Proton Transfer Reaction - Time of Flight - Mass Spectrometer

    The GBRL maintains a proton transfer reaction - time of flight - mass spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS, Ionicon TOF1000), an emerging analytical tool for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the range of 25-300 amu in real-time and with sensitivity to the parts per trillion level. Ionization is "soft", allowing for rapid screening with both quantification and preliminary identification of VOCs.  Mass resolving power of 1500-2000 across the spectra provides capability to separate certain nominally isobaric compounds, while selective reagent ionization (H3O+, O2+, NO+) provide a choice reagent chemistries that can be employed for identification and quantification of various classes of organic compounds. 


    Portland IRB60Infrared Thermography

    The GBRL has 4 building-science B60 cameras for field measurements. The B60 cameras have 160 by 160 pixels. These systems can be used to evaluate thermal performance of building envelope systems, thermal bridging, moisture problems, etc. As a general rule only the B60 cameras are available for external loan and loan periods are restricted to < 3 days.


    Telaire CO2GrayWolf AQFluke 975Indoor environmental quality sensors

    The GBRL has extensive capabilities for measuring IEQ parameters including air temperature, noise, humidity, air flow velocity, CO2, particulates, VOC, and surface moisture.



    HoboU12DJS Weather StationData logging hardware

     We have a large number of dataloggers for various indoor and outdoor applications. These loggers can be interfaced with a wide array of indoor environmental quality sensors and outdoor weather sensors to monitor everything from air temperature, CO2, occupancy, and humidity to equipment motor run time.


    Power AnalyzerInstalled WattnodesAirtightness and energy monitoring/logging equipment

    We have a variety of energy consumption monitoring equipment, including multiple simple Watts-up meters,  Extech datalogging power meters, and instrumentation for sub-metering of circuits (Wattnodes). A blower door test right is available for measuring airtightness of buildings.