GBRL Faculty & Staff

The GBRL is dedicated to excellence in air quality and building science research. We aim to conduct high quality research while fostering a welcoming, diverse, and engaging laboratory environment for staff, students, and visitors. Reach out to us via the faculty director at or on twitter @etgall. Photo above is the research group, Winter 2018. From left: David Pleshakov, Myiesha Earl, Aurelie Laguerre, Elliott Gall, Elena Christopher-Allen, Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Naveen Weerasekerea.


Faculty Director:


Elliott Gall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 
Mechanical & Materials Engineering 

Physics and chemistry of indoor air quality; Heat and mass transfer phenomena in built environments; Human exposure to air pollution; Indoor environmental quality and sustainable buildings; Building HVAC; Urban air quality. 



Staff and Graduate Student Researchers:

Aurelie Laguerre, M.S.
Research Analyst

Aurelie Laguerre is a research scientist with the GBRL. She joins the GBRL from France where she received her B. Sc. in Chemistry and M. Sc. in Analytical Chemistry. She previously was an Engineering Assistant in Dijon, France, where she used PTR-TOF-MS and other analytical chemistry techniques to study aroma release of various food products. Under the co-direction of Linda  George, she is leading the field monitoring at Harriet Tubman Middle School.


Pradeep Ramasubramanian
Ph.D. Student

Pradeep is a Ph.D. student in the GBRL who is researching the impact of green roofs on urban and indoor air quality. Research interests include studies in fluid and thermal sciences, indoor and outdoor air quality, and green building design.




Naveen Weeraseekera 
M.S.M.E. Candidate

Naveen is a Master's degree candidate who has worked on energy and air quality projects at the GBRL including the Ankeny Row field site and conducting CFD of the USPS site in Portland, OR for the PSU ISS. His Master's research focuses on experimetns and modeling of pollutant re-entrainment across ERV heat/mass transfer cores. 





Mimi Shang
M.S.M.E. Candidate

Mimi Shang, (co-advised with Dr. Alexander Hunt) M.S.M.E candidate. Mimi Shang is applying her knowledge of robotics, microcontollers, and air quality to explore the role of UAVs as a novel approach to enabling air quality data collection.




Matt Survilo
M.S.M.E. Candidate


Matt Survilo is investigating the impact of a woodstove exchange program on indoor air quality.





Current Undergraduate Researchers:

Everett Stilley, Undergraduate Researcher. Supporting Woodstove Exchange Program and NSF CBET Ecoroof projects.

Franklyn Santos, Undergraduate Researcher, BUILD-EXITO. Sorption of water vapor and VOCs to building materials. 

Past Students and Visitors


Omed Abbass, Ph.D., Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 2017, Dissertation topic: Ozone chemistry in indoor environments


Mia de Haan, Undergraduate Researcher, MME and Honors College (co-advised with Prof. Olyssa Starry). Investigating the impacts of rooftop type on HVAC filter loading, volatile emissions, and oxidation processes. 

Myiesha Earl, Undergraduate Researcher, McNair Fellow. Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Development of a low-cost lab-to-field surface ozone flux chamber.

David Pleshakov, Undergraduate Researcher, Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Project: Ozone reactions and primary and secondary emissions from building envelope materials. 

Elena Christopher-Allison, Undergraduate Researcher, Chemistry. PSU MCECS Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program. Project: Mass accretion to indoor surface and impacts on indoor chemistry.

Samuel Salin, Undergraduate Researcher, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Project: LoRa-enbaled sensors for smart building and smart city air quality monitoring.

Mimi Shang, (co-advised with Olyssa Starry) Undergraduate Researcher, M.S.M.E, Air quality and ecoroofs. Sept. 2016 – June 2017.

Craig Dolder, Undergraduate Researcher, Interconnected infrastructure research and building science sensor research, CO2 sensor development. Sept. 2016 – June 2017.

Matthew Meeks, Undergraduate Researcher, Interconnected infrastructure research and building science sensor research. Jan.-March 2017

Dreonna Johnson, Undergraduate Researcher, CCAR REU program.  Project: Development of a low cost platform for personal, real-time monitoring of activity and exposures to multiple air pollutants. July 2016 – Sept. 2016.

Ashley Kunesh, Undergraduate Researcher, CCAR REU program. Project: VOC emissions from ecoroof substrates.

Kyle Chin, Undergraduate Researcher, Nanomaterials REU program. Project: Ozone deposition to building envelope insulation materials

Francesca Frattaroli, Undergraduate Researcher. Advising Undergraduate Honors Thesis on development of device to measure methane ebullition in water reservoirs.