Graduate Admissions FAQs

Application Requirements

Transcripts and Other Academic Documents

  • I spent some time studying abroad at a foreign college or university. Do I need to include this in my academic history? Should I upload transcripts for this institution?
    Yes, PSU requires transcripts from all institutions from which you earned college-level credit. If you cannot procure transcripts from your international institution, please contact

  • I took college-level coursework while still in high school. Do I need to provide transcripts for this work?
    Yes, PSU requires transcripts from all institutions from which you earned college-level credit.

  • Can I have my previous institutions send official transcripts directly to your office, rather than uploading copies of them myself?
    Most departments will not review applications submitted without transcripts.* This can also cause a delay in processing as your application cannot be evaluated until your transcripts have arrived and been processed by Graduate Admissions.
    *Please note the College of Education does not allow uploaded transcripts and accepts only officials.

  • Do I need to send official (or physical) copies of my academic documents to your office before admission?
    You do not need to send physical copies of any application materials to PSU unless you are applying to the Graduate School of Education. For all other programs, all required materials should be uploaded as part of the online application. If you are admitted, official copies of your transcripts are required, and you will receive further instructions in your admission letter.

  • The transcripts from my degree-granting institution show that I transferred coursework from other colleges or universities. Since this is already listed on my transcripts, do I need to provide transcripts from those other schools?
    PSU requires transcripts from all college and universities attended. We can not complete a full evaluation of your academic history without transcripts from these institutions.

  • I attended/am currently attending Portland State University. Do you need copies of my PSU transcripts?
    We do not require copies of your PSU transcripts. We also do not require a second copy of any official transcripts you may have already provided to PSU as part of an earlier application.

  • I’m having trouble uploading a document to my application. Can I send it to you by email instead?
    Please email if you are having technical difficulty with the application.

  • I haven’t yet submitted my application. Can I send you my documents before it has been submitted?
    No. Please upload all required documents to your ApplyWeb online application.

  • I only have one copy of my international academic documents, and cannot obtain another. How can I provide your office with an official copy after admission?
    PSU accepts attested copies of academic documents from international institutions.

  • Do you need me to submit an evaluation of my international academic documents created by WES, ECE, or another credential evaluation service?
    No, PSU does not accept academic evaluations from third party evaluation services.

  • I already have an evaluation created by WES, ECE, or another credential evaluation service. Can I submit this instead of my transcripts and/or degree certificate?
    No, PSU does not accept academic evaluations from third party evaluation services.

  • I have been asked to submit a translation of my academic documents. Does an evaluation by WES, ECE, or another credential evaluation service meet this requirement?
    No, please see our certified translation guidelines.

  • I attended a college or university outside of the United States which uses a different grading or GPA system. Do you need me to convert this to the US grading system?
    No, we will convert the GPA as part of our evaluation.

English Language Proficiency

ApplyWeb Online Application

  • I’ve already applied, but would like to change my application to a different program. What should I do?
    You will need to complete a second application through ApplyWeb for your new program.

  • I’m applying to two different programs. Can my recommendations for one application be used for the other as well?
    You will need to enter your recommender information again in the second application, and they will be prompted to submit their letter a second time.

  • I’ve already submitted my application, but I’d like to change my personal statement, CV, or other document. Can I upload a new one?
    Applicants cannot make changes to their application after final submission. Contact the department to find out if they will accept additional documents.

  • What does “invalid transcript” mean?
    Your uploaded transcript does not meet the department's transcript requirements. Please contact the department directly to find out what transcripts they require to make an admission decision. For international transcripts this often means it does not include both the original transcript and English translation.

  • What is my application status?
    Admissions committees make admission decisions 6-8 weeks after the application deadline, and you will be notified by email when a decision is made. You can check to see if you are missing any application materials by logging into to ApplyWeb.

  • I see a space to input an application fee waiver code. How can I receive a waiver code?
    Waiver codes are provided to qualifying applicants upon request. Please visit to see if you qualify and to submit the required documentation to for your request to be processed. Applications can take up to two weeks to process.

  • Is it possible to defer my application fee?
    PSU does not defer application fees for graduate applicants.

  • I am a McNair scholar. What should I submit in order to receive a fee waiver code?
    Please email a copy of a letter from your McNair Scholars program confirming you are a participant to receive a fee waiver code.

  • I am having trouble getting my letters of recommendation sent through the ApplyWeb system. What should I do?
    If you or your recommender are having technical difficulty you should email You can also contact the department directly to see if they will accept emailed letters.

  • Is it possible to apply to multiple programs?
    Yes. You must complete your first application in ApplyWeb before starting a second application.

  • Did my application sumit successfully?
    If you received a confirmation email, your application submitted successfully. If you did not receive a confirmation email, you should contact

Admitted Students

  • I uploaded transcripts as part of my online application. Do I still have to provide officials?
    Yes, uploaded transcripts are not considered official. Official documents must be sent directly from the issuing institution to Portland State University Graduate Admissions. You will not be able to register for your first term at PSU until all documents have been received. See more at
  • How will I know when my official documents have been received and my registration hold has been lifted?
    You will receive an email when each official document is received, and you will receive an email when your hold has been lifted. You can also check in Banweb under Student Services > Student Records > View Holds.
  • I have been offered admission to the university. How do I accept or decline the offer?
    Log into ApplyWeb, click on "Manage Your Account," then click on "Complete Your Decision Form," then choose from the Decision Response dropdown menu.

Financial and Immigration Documents

  • I will be applying for an F1 student visa, and need to obtain an I-20 form. Should I upload financial documents to the application? Where can I send them?
    Please do not upload financial documents to your application. If you are admitted, you will receive further instructions on submission of financial documents.

  • When will I receive my I-20 form?
    If all documents are found to meet the requirements, your form will be mailed to you within one business week.

For additional visa questions, please see