The Graduate School's Coronavirus Response


While working and learning remotely is necessary to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus spread, we, in the Graduate School, remain united in our mission to support our graduate students and faculty toward the successful delivery and completion of graduate programs at PSU. 

Our flexible class format allows us to continue to protect at-risk community members and preserve the opportunity for face-to-face instruction when it can be conducted safely and in accordance with public health best practices. Some classes will be available for in-person instruction while most will be structured for remote learning.

The Graduate School’s office doors remain closed while Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-12 is in effect, but rest assured that, behind the scenes, our staff is actively working to assist current students and process applications. Our phone line is open (503-725-8410) and we make an effort to respond to all emails within a day. Email our office at

Our Graduate Student Ambassadors are available to answer any questions about the graduate student experience and can provide virtual info sessions via Zoom. Register for an information session online.


For admitted graduate students

If you are an admitted or incoming graduate student and you have questions about your first term, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or at the phone number listed above.

For students who are in the process of applying to graduate school

Please know that the Graduate Admissions team is actively working to process applications and respond to all questions. We are available to answer your questions via, Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm (PST).

Academic updates for current graduate students

Submitting paperwork to Academic Services

Please submit all GO forms and other Academic Services forms (leave of absence, overload approval, etc.) as email attachments to

  • Please ensure the form is complete with all required signatures before submission to Academic Services
  • Forms can only be submitted as PDFs
  • Emails must come from a address

We ask that wet signatures be used on forms if possible, even for forms that are submitted as email attachments. However, if people are unable to sign forms we can accept these alternatives.

  • First preference: Forms signed via Adobe Sign and DocuSign (we cannot accept script font in lieu of a signature)
  • Second preference: Approval can be provided via email which is then attached to the form; please ensure the text of the email makes it clear that form X is being approved for student Y
  • All attached emails must be from a address

Pass/No Pass grade option for fall term

The Provost has announced expanded use of Pass/No Pass grades for the fall term. Please see the Spring 2020-Spring 2021 P/NP Policy Changes webpage.

Graduate DARS audits will be updated so that Pass grades earned in fall 2020 will apply to degree requirements without restriction. This temporary allowance is for spring, summer, fall 2020, as well as winter and spring 2021, grades only.

Expanding use of the Pass/No Pass grading option is at the discretion of department chairs. Some graduate programs many determine that Pass grades are not appropriate for their discipline and may elect to not use this option. 

Graduate Retention and Completion Fund

If a student's graduation has been delayed due to COVID-19 disruptions, and they now need to register for an unexpected credit in their final term, their adviser can nominate them for tuition support from our Graduate Retention and Completion Fund.

Links to Internal PSU Resources:

At PSU, our Incident Management Team representing all sectors of campus is leading our efforts to coordinate preparedness, response, communications and contingencies in case the virus spreads to Portland. Members of the IMT are trained in planning and response to any potential health or safety threat to our PSU community.

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