State Relations

Government Relations works closely with legislators and state policymakers to help ensure that Portland State University is open for everyone.  

  • - With over 100,000 graduates living and working in the Portland metro area and thousands more spread throughout the state, we are an economic engine for Oregon.  
  • - With over 24,000 students on our vibrant urban campus, we are a welcoming and diverse community in the heart of Oregon’s largest city.  
  • - We are one of the most affordable public universities in Oregon.  We are home to the most economically and culturally diverse student body.  We are making a difference.

Absent financial support from the state of Oregon, the costs of a Portland State education are shouldered by students through increased tuition and fees.  In the state legislature, PSU joins with Oregon’s six other public universities to promote additional investment in higher education with the goal of minimizing both tuition increases and student debt.  We also evaluate proposed policy changes and advocate for infrastructure enhancements.

2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 Legislative Session convened on February 5, 2018.  The session is concluded on March 3rd.  

Clik here for a 2018 Legislative Session Budget & Policy Summary. 

Click here to see an overview of the bills that PSU GR tracked in the 2018 legislative session! 

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