Stephen Frenkel

Assistant Professor


Dr. Frenkel's office hours are by appointment. Please email him to arrange the time and format of your meeting.


Stephen Frenkel received his MA and PhD in geography from Syracuse University specializing in social/cultural geography with a focus on Latin America and Africa, and a BA from Macalester College in geography and urban studies. Before coming to Portland State University in 2005, he taught geography at Western Washington University, University of Oregon, University of Washington and Humboldt State. His scholarly research has focused on the cultural and social aspects of Sierra Leone’s colonial urban development, on race, landscape and American imperialism in Panama, the philosophical underpinnings of bioregionalism, a brief foray into Leavenworth Washington’s theme town tourism and a short but caffeinated exploration of the cultural landscape of cappuccino.


Stephen’s current teaching interests range from sustainable development, globalization and urban development, to tourism and commodities in both Latin American and African contexts. His vision for the world is one where bikes are the primary form of transportation and all coffee is fairly traded. And, in his years at PSU, he has yet to teach a class without mentioning bananas.


  • INTL 201 Intro to International Studies
  • INTL 211 Introduction to African Studies
  • INTL 240 Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • INTL 342U Globalization and Conflict in Latin America
  • INTL 343U Commodity Chains: From Silver to Cocaine
  • INTL 362U Amazon Rainforest
  • INTL 407 Seminar (Various topics incl. Global Futures, Tourism and Sustainable Development)
  • MA (Geography)
    Syracuse University
  • BA (Geography, Urban Studies)
    Macalester College
  • PhD (Geography)
    Syracuse University