Department of Geology

Portland State University


--------- Wednesday, 3:30 pm Cramer Hall S17 --------

October 3


PSU Faculty Research

5-10 minute presentations on what PSU faculty are up to!

Presentations from: Dr. Streig, Dr. Bershaw, Dr. Fountain, Dr. Streck,

Dr. Ruzicka, & David Percy



October 17


Dr. Ramón Arrowsmith, Arizona State University

Title: Sharpening our view of active faulting processes with high resolution topography



October 24


Dr. Colin Amos, Western Washington University

Title: Sharing the load: Short and long-term crustal deformation in Cascadia


November 7


Dr. Corina Cerovski-Darriau, U.S. Geological Survey

Title: How Humans Changed Erosion in Hawaii: Mapping, Monitoring, and Modeling Sources of Sediment Pollution on Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii


November 14


Dr. Teng Wang, Senior Research Fellow, Earth Observatory Singapore,

Nanyang Technological University

Title: High-resolution 3D displacement for satellite radar imagery: Application to earthquake, volcano, and nuclear test


November 21


Ian Madin, DOGAMI

Topic: Oregon Active Faults & Landslides, Title TBD


Other Seminar Events:

Geological Society of the Oregon Country (GSOC) Monthly Talks