Spring 2018 SOE Seminar Series Lineup


Held jointly with USGS OR Water Science Center and Oregon State University


Tuesdays from 12 - 1pm

CIN92 (Fifth Ave Cinema)



Schedule of speakers:


3-Apr            Masaki Hayashi (2018 NGWA Darcy Lecturer)      University Calgary   

Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World


10-Apr         Marty Briggs              USGS, CT        

Surface Geophysical Methods for the Characterization of Preferential Flow processes and Water Exchanges Along the River Corridor


17-Apr         Anne Jefferson           Kent State      

Signals of stormwater management across scales


24-Apr         Ann Hayden               Southern Illinois University - Carbondale 

Using hydraulic modeling to evaluate connectivity enhancement under alternative restoration scenarios in the Atchafalaya River Basin


1-May           Michael Manga          University of California - Berkeley 

Earthquakes and water (and why the Lusi eruption was not caused by an earthquake)


8-May           Paul (Chris) Milly       USGS/NOAA  

Streamflow in Our Warming World: Hydrologic Droughts Ahead? Or Just a Lot of Hot Air?


15-May         Adrienne Aiona         Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

The nexus between monitoring, engineering and policy for stormwater management in Portland


22-May         Renee Brooks            US EPA - Western Ecology Division NHREERL 

Snowpack contribution to flow in the Willamette River over the last 7 years.   


29-May         Hongbin Zhan            Texas A&M University         

Opportunities and Challenges for China and US Collaboration in Hydrogeological Research and Education.  A Success Story: the Art of the Push-and-Pull Aquifer Test


5-Jun             Jessica Lundquist      University of Washington   

Learning to See in Thermal Infrared: Sensing Snow and Forest Temperatures from Point to Aircraft to Satellite Scales


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