Department of Geology

Portland State University


--------- Wednesday, 3:30 pm Cramer Hall CH 53 --------


January 16


“Constraining Neogene uplift in the Tien Shan Kyrgystran

Dr. Win McLaughlin, Oberlin College



January 23


Timescales, Rates and Processes of Crustal Mass Transfer Across the

Forearc-backarc Transition of Cascadia

Dr. Andrew Meigs, Oregon State University



February 6th

"Magmatic and crustal degassing at Yellowstone"

Dr. Jake Lowenstern, USGS



February 13


In the Shadow of Volcanoes

Dr. Nick Famoso, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument



March 13


Critical Fluid Transitions in Explosive Volcanic Eruptions”

Dr. Joe Dufek, University of Oregon



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