Majors in Earth Science

BS and BA in Earth Science

Thinking about a degree in Geology or Earth Science?

Geology and earth science address critical issues such as energy, water and mineral resources, climate, natural hazards, oceanography, environmental monitoring and cleanup, and much, much more! Geologists work in a variety of settings, including in natural resource companies, environmental consulting companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities. Many geologists do field work at least part of the time. Others spend their time in laboratories, classrooms or offices. Employment opportunities for geologists are very good. Most geology graduates with a strong academic background and good grades have no trouble finding employment if they are willing to move to a location where work is available. Over the next decade the number of geology job openings is expected to exceed the number of students graduating from university geology programs. A degree in geology or earth science also provides a solid foundation for those interested in careers in middle or secondary science education, science writing and editing and environmental law.

The PSU Geology Department has two sets of requirements for a major to be admitted into the program. 

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