Dr. Melinda Hutson

Email: MHutson@pdx.edu

Homepage: http://web.pdx.edu/~mhutson/

Vita: http://web.pdx.edu/~mhutson/vita.pdf 

Lab Webpage: Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory

Phone: 503.725.3372

Fax: 503.725.3025




Courses Taught:

G202 Physical Geology II

G345 Life in the Universe

G346 Exploring Mars

G458/558 Astrobiology

Education and Experience: 

Ph.D., University of Arizona, Planetary Sciences, 1996. 

M.S., S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, Earth and Space Sciences, 1988.

B.S., University of Minnesota, Geophysics, 1982.

Research Interests:

Meteorites, Planetary Science, Cosmochemistry.

Research Themes:

Curation and classification of meteorites

Extent and role of collisions and shock metamorphism in the early solar system

Differentiation in asteroidal bodies

Chemical, physical, and thermal evolution of dust and planetary building blocks in the solar nebula