Gifts to the Department of Geology help develop programs and provide student support that is not available through our operating budget or grant funding. If you wish to contribute to this effort you may donate directly to the Department of Geology Gift Account, or to one of the following Portland State University Foundation Accounts. Your gift may also be made as a pledge, payable over a number of months or years, set up through the PSU Foundation. Gifts can be made by check, cash, or online.  Gifts-in-kind can also be accepted by the Department. Please don't hesitate to call 503.725.3022 if you have questions.
Thank you in advance for your gift!


The Department of Geology has endowed and operating accounts in the Portland State University Foundation. If you wish to donate directly to one of these accounts, send your check, payable to PSU Foundation, with the account name on the check or specified in a letter, to:  

Department of Geology  
Attn: Foundation Account  
P. O. Box 751  
Portland, OR  97207

Be sure to designate one of the following intended accounts.  

Michael Cummings' Family, Alumni and Friends Scholarship: Scholarships; Undergraduates students majoring in Geology or Earth Sciences, Post-bac students in Geology or Earth Sciences.

Scott Burns Legacy of Service Endowment: Temorary account to hold funds raised to honor Scott Burns' legacy of service at PSU. Funds will be transferred to endowed account with criteria TBD by Scott Burns.

Edwin Hodge Endowed Lecture Fund: Fund lectures to enrich, interpret and inform faculty , students members and friends of the results of significant scientific research in any related earth science by a recognized authority. 

Terry D. Jones Speaker Fund: This account was established as a memorial to Terry Jones (B.S., 1997). Interest is used to bring speakers to PSU for specaial lectures.

Paul Howell Memorial Endowment: For student loans, and/or fellowships for outstanding seniors and grad students who are doing research work on geological problems of the Oregon Country.

John and Miriam McKee Endowment: To fund loans, scholarships or annual awards to geology seniors who have shown outstanding competence in the field of geology.  
Nelson B. Higgs Fund (Engineering Geology): Established through a bequest of Nelson Higgs 
who conducted work on aggregate durability for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and continued 
his research through the department after he retired. The account supports engineering geology- 
related activities and helps pay for photocopying of theses.  
Robert O. Van Atta Fund: Established after Bob’s retirement for scholarships, project or travel 
reimbursement to students doing sedimentological research in the Northwest.

Marvin H. Beeson Undergrad Research Award Endowment: Research by UG and post-bacc students in geology; may support travel, analytical services, tuition and living expenses.

Erwin F. Lange Endowment: Supports curation, acquisition, and cataloging of extra terrestrial 
material in the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory.

Gabor Supplementary Account for Geology: Emerging research in the Department of Geology; data collection, synthesis and/or model development that better positions the recipient to secure external funding.

Rockie Scholarship Fund: Supports research and scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students.

John Eliot Allen Endowed Scholarship: Supports Geology students

Gwen Burns Graduate Student Fund: Established in 2001 through a generous gift from Gwen 
Burns. Supports graduate students in their research and course work.