Admission Requirements

Admission criteria to the Master's program in Geology (including certificates)

For all applicants 
  • Meet the University Graduate Admission Requirements
  • EITHER: The equivalent of our undergraduate BS Geology degree.
    OR: If you have a BS in a Science other than geology, then courses equivalent to our undergraduate core (see next section). For certificate programs we may accept the ASBOG Fundamentals exam in lieu of a BS in Geology.
  • 1 Year of Calculus
  • 1 Year of Physics (Calculus-based preferred)
  • 1 Year of Chemistry
  • All required Allied Science and Geology courses need to be completed prior to admission to Geology
  • In geology-related and allied sciences, we are looking for a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Field Camp & Linear Algebra. Although not a requirement for admission, completion a field camp and linear algrebra  a requirement for our MS or MA degrees. Students are encouraged to have completed a summer field camp and linear algebra before starting their graduate program at PSU.
For applicants without a BS in Geology
  • Allied Sciences requirements (see section above) 
  • Equivalent of our undergraduate core:
    • G 312 Mineralogy
    • G 314 Petrology
    • G 318 Processes in the Surface Environment
    • G 324 Computer Applications and Information Technology
    • G 326 Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems
    • G 434 Structural Geology and Tectonics
    • G 435 Stratigraphy
    • G 485 Field Methods in Geosciences
Applications are due 31 January for Fall admisson 


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