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Recent Maps for Publication

Geography majors and GIS certificate program students with an interest in cartography often have the opportunity to make maps for publication. Listed below are the cartographers and the publication for which they have made maps from the last two years.

Sachi Arakawa
States of Separation: Transfer, Partition, and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Laura Robson
University of California Press Forthcoming

Shawna Miller 
The Riddle of Malnutrition: The Long Arc of Biomedical and Public Health Interventions in Uganda by Jennifer Tappan
Perspectives on Global Health Series (Ohio University Press) Forthcoming 

Gabriel Rousseau & David Banis

All Lands Approaches to Fire Management in the Pacific West: A Typology by Susan Charnley, Erin Kelly, and Kendra Wendel. Journal of Forestry 114, 2016 

Ian Cogar
Discourses of Deflection: The Politics of Framing China’s SouthNorth Water Transfer Project by Britt Crow-Miller Water Alternatives 8(2): 173-192, 2015

Sara Loreno
Dangerous Spirits: the Windigo in Myth and History by Shawn Smallman. 2014

Alexa Todd
Mt Tabor Park Native Plant Guide 2013

Dan Coe & Jon Franczyk
The Trees and Graves of Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery 2013 

Jon Franczyk & Nadia Jones
Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia River eds. Robert Boyd, Ken Ames & Tony Johnson. 2013

Sara Loreno / Beth Chappell
Different Ways of Knowing, Shared Goals: Applied Sustainability Projects in the Himalayas and Great Basin by Jeremy Spoon in Social Sustainability: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion eds. Jesse Dillard, Eileen M. Brennan and Veronica Dujon. 2013

Luke Edens
Kuenda Mberi– Our Path Forward: A Zimbabwean Story of Community Resilience by Kristen Magis & Jaiaen Beck in Social Sustainability: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion eds. Jesse Dillard, Eileen M. Brennan and Veronica Dujon. 2013

Kristi Weber
Trees of Greater Portland by Phyllis Reynolds 2013 

Jon Franczyk
Fire in the Dark by Ron Talarico 2012

Colin Kamemoto
I Don’t Cry, But I Remember: A Mexican Immigrant’s Story of Endurance
by Joyce Lackie 2012

Robert Hildebrand
Nature's Northwest: The North Pacific Slope in the Twentieth Century by William Robbins & Katrine Barber 2011

Lindsay Mayer
Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine by Laura Robson 2011

Dan Uthman & David Banis
Portland Red Guide: Sites and Stories of Our Radical Past  by Michael Munk 2011

Steph Gaspers
Introduction to International and Global Studies by Shawn Smallman & Kimberly Brown 2011

Bethany Pratt
The Birth of International Businessmen: The Pioneers of US-Japanese Trade Relations (Kokusai-Businessman no Tanjyo: Nichi-bei keizaikannkei no Kaitakusha) by Kasuo Yasata (ed) 2011

Dan Coe
Trees Of Couch Park - Portland Parks and Recreation 2010

Margaret Seiler
Kiev: Jewish Metropolis: A History, 1859-1914 by Natan Meir 2010

Kirk McEwen
Portland State: A History in Pictures by Richard Sanders (author) & Brent Schauer (photographer) 2009

Jon Franczyk & David Banis
The Trees of Laurelhurst Park 2009

Chad Lublin
Crime Maps for Portland State Campus Public Safety Office 2008

Jon Franczyk & David Banis
Willamette Valley AVAs: The Geologic Origin of their Soils Pinot Camp 2008

Jon Franczyk
Large Domestic Pits on the Northwest Coast of North America by Ken Ames, Cameron Smith, and Alexander Bourdeau Journal of Field Archaeology Vol 33 (1): Spring 2008

Kirk McEwen, Jon Franczyk, Maurice Johns, & David Banis
Oregon and Our Links with Canada An Oregonian Educational Supplement provided by the Oregon Geographic Alliance 2008

Andy Freed
Fort Clatsop: Rebuilding an Icon by The Daily Astorian 2007

Tommy McKoy, Jason Schmidt, and David Banis
Portland Red Guide: Sites and Stories of Our Radical Past by Michael Munk 2007

Wayne Coffey
Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon by Liz Nakazawa (ed) 2007

Steph Gaspers & David Banis
City of Readers: The Book Lover’s Guide to Portland by Gabriel Boehmer 2007

Wayne Larimer, Peter Paul, David Banis, and Joe Poracsky
South Park Blocks: Portland’s Cultural, Historical, and Educational Center 2006