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Yachi Iisako
Yachi Iisako

Program Coordinator, International and Nonprofit Programs




Yachi joined the CPS staff in 2010 as a Program Coordinator. She coordinated the Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) program for two years and transitioned into the post of International and Nonprofit Program Coordinator. Prior to joining the CPS team, Yachi was a graduate research assistant for Dr. Masami Nishishiba, and earned her Master's in Public Administration from the Hatfield School of Government. Her focus was in Global Leadership and Management, and compared the civic engagement systems and functions of Portland and Japanese local governments. She received her Bachelors in International Affairs from Portland State University, and her Associates in International Affairs from Clark Community College in Washington State.

Yachi has been extensively involved in the Japanese Municipal Officers' Mid-Career Training Program, funded by the Tokyo Foundation, for seven years as a program coordinator as well as an interpreter. Yachi is interested in the leadership training program for government and nonprofit employees who have major impacts on sustaining regional communities in their respective areas.

Yachi moved to Portland from her native city of Kagoshima, Japan, in 2000. On weekends, she enjoys riding bicycles. Her longest bike trip was from Seattle to Portland (STP) in 2011, riding 200 miles in two days. She also enjoys returning  to her home in Japan and visiting her family. Because her parents own a Japanese restaurant, her personal goal is to make sure to inherit her father's cooking secrets.