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Xingjun Yi
Xingjun Yi

Music Instructor, Confucius Institute at PSU 
Office: Karl Miller Center 660-U | Email: 

Xingjun Yi is a postgraduate student of Department of Music in Xiamen University. She is serving as Chinese Music teacher at the Confucius Institute of Portland State University (2019-2020). She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance (Erhu) in 2018, and is currently pursuing her master's degree in ethnomusicology.
She is an active member of National Music Orchestra of Xiamen University: In 2017, she visited the United States and the Philippines on performance tours; in 2018, she successfully held an Erhu Solo Concert; and in 2019, she participated in Florence International Music Festival (Italy). She also has experience with teaching "Chinese Music" in primary and secondary schools in Xiamen. She is a winner of gold and silver awards in a number of national and international professional competitions.