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Professor David Banis
Professor David Banis

As the Associate Director for the Center for Spatial Analysis (CSAR), David works with on applied GIS and cartography projects with a wide variety of partners, including the US Forest Service and Pacific Northwest Research Station, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Portland Parks and Recreation, the Center for Geography Education in Oregon, as well as faculty in other departments at PSU.


The projects conducted by CSAR are equally diverse, and they range from practical GIS database compilation and cartography, to the study of human/environment interactions, to explorations in cultural geography.

A number of CSAR’s research programs employ public participatory mapping to explore how cultural values and human prceptions of landscapes might be used to improve public land management.

To learn more about our human ecology mapping and PPGIS work, visit the Human Ecology Mapping Research page

Other recent work includes construction of Oregon's incident response information system, spatial analysis of marine protected areas in the Arctic, spatial modeling of volunteered graffiti reports, geovisualization of economic data, and how world music informs senses of place.


To find out more about what the Center for Spatial Analysis and Research does, take a look at our Projects and Publications web page.


With colleague Hunter Shobe, David published the book Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas in October of 2015. The book explores the diverse ways that cartographers can tell stories with maps. In collaboration with the Center for Geography Education in Oregon, he was chief cartographer for both English and Spanish language editions of the Student Atlas of Oregon, winner of Geographic Excellence in Media Award from the National Council for Geographic Education in 2012, as well as the classroom Atlas of Oregon Climate and Climate Change. He is also one of the partners in the development of an interactive Atlas of Oregon Lakes.


David's teaching focuses on cartography, map use and analysis, and geographic information systems. He edits dozens of student map publications over the course of a year, and occasionally gets to make some of his own. Although cartographers like just about any topic they can map, David loves to focus on cultural geography and mapping nontraditional topics.


Here is a CV and recent presentations and publications.