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Portland State...
Portland State...
  • Portland State is home to more than 1,100 international students representing 91 foreign countries. Since 1997 PSU's international student population has grown more than 50 percent and is rapidly becoming a first choice among students abroad.
  • PSU promotes relationships with its more than 800 alumni living in the Middle East and is bringing computer science and engineering programs to China. In 2005, 29 students graduated from Portland State's undergraduate program in Shanghai.
  • Since 2001 officials from China's Ministry of Land and Resources have traveled to Portland State to be part of the China-United States Sustainable Land Use Training Program, sponsored in part by PSU. To date, 291 Chinese officials have attended the land use planning and governance training program. Highlighting sustainable development in the Portland region, the program creates dialogue between experts to catalyze project development and joint ventures.

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