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Meet Professor Stephen Wadley - Chinese
Meet Professor Stephen Wadley - Chinese

Stephen Wadley (1991) Ph.D.
Professor of Chinese. Ph.D. 1987
University of Washington.

Stephen Wadley, Associate Professor of Chinese and International Studies, received his Ph.D. in Chinese linguistics from University of Washington. He specializes in historical Chinese linguistics, particularly Early Mandarin. He also works on Chinese vernacular literature and Altaic languages. Publications include a monograph on mixed-language poems from the Manchu-Qing dynasty and a textbook on proficiency-based reading materials for intermediate Chinese. He has also published articles and reviews in Journal of the American Oriental Society, Journal of Asian Studies, Central Asiatic Journal, Pacific Affairs, etc. He is the editor of the Manchu studies journal, Saksaha, and has served for many years as secretary/ treasurer of the Western Branch of the American Oriental Society. He teaches second-year Chinese and upper division classes in Chinese language and literature as well as University Studies/ International Studies classes on Asia.