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Meet Professor Larry Kominz
Meet Professor Larry Kominz

Professor of Japanese, Portland State University, Oregon. Ph.D., Japanese
Literature, Columbia University. Author of The Stars who Created Kabuki: Their
Lives, Loves, and Legacy (1997) and Avatars of Vengeance: Japanese Drama and the Soga Literary Tradition (1995), and many articles on kabuki, kyôgen, and other
dramatic genres.

He is a student and performer of nihon buyô and kyôgen, and
directs student productions of kyôgen and kabuki. Kominz has been artistic
director or assistant of summer Japanese performance festivals at PSU almost
every summer since 1992. Kominz currently serves as Japan editor for Asian
Theatre Journal and as a member of the Japan Society of New York's performing
arts advisory committee.

Foreign Language and Literature - 451J NH
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207