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Barry Messer
Barry Messer

Barry Messer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

B.A. 1967 Whittier College; M.A. 1971 University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D. 1994 Portland State University.

Research interests: urban environmental education and community development. Faculty advisor for MURP internship. Teaching includes Concepts of Community Development and University Studies courses including Healthy People/Healthy Places, Community Leadership and Neighborhoods and Watersheds capstone. Recent accomplishments: principal investigator, Bureau of Environmental Services Community Watershed Stewardship Partnership. Author: "Guide to Community/University Partnerships," Center for Academic Excellence, Portland State University, 1966; co-author, "Determinant of Recycling Participation in Multifamily Residences," Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 1993.

Associate Professor Messer's contact information:
Office: Urban Center, room 350 C
Phone: (503) 725.5179