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Hannah Marrs Hannah Marrs
Hannah is the Graduate Assistant in the Education Abroad office. She is currently enrolled in the in Post-secondary Adult and Continuing Education (PACE) program at PSU. Having lived abroad for almost five years in the Maldives teaching at a local college, Hannah is passionate about working with college students in an international context.  
Graduate Student
Skye Clifford Skye Clifford
Skye loves traveling and being close to the ocean. Some of her favorite places are in southern Nicaragua, Germany, and secret spots along the Oregon Coast.
Staff Member
Hannah Fischer Hannah Fischer
Enthusiastic about international exchange, Hannah works to promote and support international programs as the Faculty-Led Coordinator.
Staff Member
Kristin Engelbretson Kristin Engelbretson
Kristin ensures that PSU students earn credit for their work they've done while abroad! She also helps PSU students take voyages, through the Semester at Sea study abroad program.
Staff Member
Rachel Landers (Goff) Rachel Landers (Goff)
Working with PSU students to turn study abroad dreams into reality.
Staff Member
Jen Hamlow Jen Hamlow
As Director of Education Abroad, Jen Hamlow works to promote international opportunities for students and faculty alike.
Staff Member
Alyse Collins Alyse Collins
Avid traveler and explorer of new cultures, Alyse Collins, works with PSU students to establish their own international connections.
Staff Member