When Students Cover The School: The Role of the Student Press in Reporting Campus Controversies
Author: Challenge Program
Posted: March 23, 2012

Using the recent magazine coverage by Grant High School students of their own school's  hazing incident, as well as examples of campus controversies at Portland State University, "When Students Cover the School" is a OPEN FORUM panel discussion on students reporting on their own institutions  — and all the free expression, privacy, and freedom of information issues that come along with that.

Presented by the Portland State University Challenge Program, "When Students Cover the School" will feature past and present editors and writers of Grant Magazine, The Vanguard, and The Rearguard.

Joining them will be Grant faculty advisor David Austin — a member of the news team that won a Pulitzer Prize for the Oregonian in 2007 — and Paul Collins, who teaches nonfiction in the Creative Writing MFA at Portland State

THU April 19th

SMSU 236 :: Cascade Room


Challenge Program

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David Austin
Advisor to Grant Magazine, Communications Director 
for Multnomah County, and former Oregonian reporter

Christian Gaston
Managing Editor of the Forest Grove News-Times, 
former editor of The Vanguard.

Tracy Mattner
Portland State University student,
Campus News reporter for the The Rearguard.

Ryan Yambra (editor), Ruby Sutton and Hanna Olson (writers):
Grant High School students, staff members of Grant Magazine.  

Moderator: Paul Collins
Associate Professor of English, Portland State University; contributor at Slate and NPR.