Employee of the Month for Student Operated Services - October 2015
Author: Student Activities and Leadership Programs, Angela Hamilton
Posted: November 13, 2015

Congratulations to 
Student Operated Services Employee of the Month
for October 2015
Sasha Jones
Gallery Director, Littman + White Galleries
What people said about Sasha:
Sasha Jones is the most passionate and motivated gallery director we have had in the near four years I've worked at the galleries. She identifies problems as soon as they arise, especially things others do not notice, and she takes immediate action. 

She is extremely efficient in the workplace, enthusiastic about making connections with other organizations such as the Student Fee committee on behalf of the galleries. She advocates for our organization and she's an absolute pleasure to work with.  

Sasha has been exemplary in handling the gallery's relations with the SFC, and with outlining our budgetary needs. She goes out of her way time and again to make sure we're making the right choices in terms of costs and justifications -- but she doesn't let it get in the way of the art. Her priorities are focused and match the galleries' mission of providing critical contemporary art.  

She's taken real strides toward helping the SFC understand our function within the university environment, and we feel as confident as ever that she will help identify our budgetary needs going forward, both internally and within the broader framework of the student government. 

She has facilitated multiple improvements to how we are running the gallery, is constantly considering how we can become a more professional space, and takes initiative on implementing steps for plans for sustaining the future of the gallery.  

She comes to the job and is focused on the task at hand-- often times having the foresight to problems ahead and coming up with solutions. In the past, the staff at Littman can end up in a world of "What if we did this?" Sasha takes those "What ifs" and immediately starts to research and holds people accountable to their word. I'm inspired by her dedication and motivation to not just talk about big ideas and schemes, but to put them into action.