Heejun Chang


Heejun Chang 
  Professor & Chair of Geography                 503.725.3162  changh@pdx.edu 

Integrated land and water use planning

Water as an Integrated System and Environment Research Group

Ph.D. Geography (2001),
 Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
M.A. Geography (1996),
 Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
B.A. Geography (1994),
 Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Research Interests: Hydrology and water resources, with focus on human modification of the hydrologic system and interactions among climate change, land use change, and water management as they affect water quantity, quality, demand, and hydrologic ecosystem services.

Courses Taught

GEOG 210 Physical Geography
GEOG 310U Climate and Water Resources
GEOG 340U Global Water Issues and Sustainability
GEOG 4/514 Hydrology
GEOG 4/547 Urban Streams
GEOG 4/594 GIS for Water Resources
GEOG 4/597 Spatial Quantitative Analysis

Graduate Students
Ashley Baker: Water quality and resources in relation to land use and climate change, GIS, ecological restoration
Emma Brenneman: Climate change and land use change and its effect on urbanizing streams, river restoration, GIS
Junjie Chen: Using green infrastructure to mediate water quality impacts from stormwater runoff in urban streams; Surface water pollution and water quality in the Pearl River Delta of Southern China
Benjamin Fahy: Using geo-spatial analysis to quantify increasing risks of extreme hydrologic events due to a climate change
Harvey Hembree: Using spatial statistics to predict and model stream temperature om urbanizing basin
Luong Hue (SOE PhD) Vulnerability assessment to flood inundation in urban areas: A comparison between Portland, Oregon and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Daniel Larson (SOE PhD): 
Payment for ecosystem services in the Clackamas River watershed
Janardan Mainali (SOE PhD): Water quality modeling using landscape variables
Jeff Ramsey: Spatial analysis of ecosystem services provided by urban trees
Alex Ross (SOE PhD): Sociohydrology of the Hood River watershed, Oregon