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FOG - Friends of Geography

ASPRS - Geospatial Information Society Student Organization (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote-Sensing)

Current Masters Students



Lowell Anthony


Detecting geomorphic change and stream channel evolution
using LiDAR

Christina Aragon Loikith

Hydroclimatology, weather and climate extremes, water resources, snow

Ashley Baker Chang

Water quality and resources in relation to land use and climate change, GIS, ecological restoration

Emma Brenneman Chang Climate change and land use change and its effect on urbanizing streams, river restoration, GIS
Sebastian Busby Holz Understanding influence of climate change on wildfire rotation period and ecological response

Ross Calhoun


The birth and growth of an urban park: An historical geography of Washington Park   

Christopher Carpenter Swobodzinski  
Junjie Chen Chang

Using green infrastructure to mediate water quality impacts from stormwater runoff in urban streams; Surface water pollution and water quality in the Pearl River Delta of Southern China

Julian Cross Fountain  Glaciers, snow pack and water resources; climate variability and the response of glaciers to climate change; remote sensing for the detection of geomorphic change
Rachel Desmond Chang  
Judah Detzer Loikith Assessing and Understanding Climate Change in South America

Kevin Donohue 


Cartography, GIS, urban geography, historical geography, urban landscape change and uneven development 
Michael Egge Brower/Ajibade

Political ecology, environmental justice, and water security/sustainability 

Benjamin Fahy Chang Using geo-spatial analysis to quantify increasing risks of extreme hydrologic events due to a climate change
Ignacio Falcon Holz  
Andrew Fritter Duh Using Hyperspectral Imagery to assess tree health and classify tree species distributions
Bryce Glenn Fountain Glaciers of the American West, remote sensing, and GIS



A comparison of community response and management methods for urban-dwelling coyotes 

Anthony Hair 


Socioeconomic dynamics of mountaintop removal mining 

Krystle Harrell Swobodzinski

Cartography, Spatial Cognition, Remote Sensing, and Military GIS Use

Harvey Hembree 


Using spatial statistics to predict and model stream temperature in an urbanizing basin

Tera Hinkley


Biogeography, GIS, remote sensing, land use, natural resource management, environmental policy

Tim Hitchins


PGIS, web GIS, remote sensing, and interactive data visualization as tools for civil resistance

Aylan Lee


Political ecology as related to rivers and dam removal projects in the western US
Katelyn Michelson Chang Water resource management, identifying/assessing the impact of drought in SW urban environments due to climate change, GIS
Laura Platt Holz Impact of fire/ climate on rainforest taxa recovery on the Olympic Peninsula

Imran Qureshi 


Epiphytic moss as biomonitors of atmospheric pollution:  A spatial analysis of air toxics on Hayden Island

Jeff Ramsey


Spatial analysis of ecosystem services provided by urban trees

Bruce Rash Lafrenz  Water quality management
John Rogers Loikith Using GIS, geostatistical analysis, multidimensional mapping and climate modeling for geographic data visualization and analysis of northern hemisphere Stratospheric Polar Vortex behavior
Lauren Sharwood Duh 

Using remote sensing and GIS to study land use/land cover change and its impact on vegetation health and biodiversity

Emily Slinskey Loikith Climate change and climate variability, characterizing patterns and trends in precipitation extremes 



Nature and society, sustainability, community development

Emily Sykes Holz  
Amanda Temple Lafrenz Habitat connectivity using GIS tools/remote sensing, wildlife science, amphibian habitat
Douglas Thalacker  Holz GIS applications in disturbance ecology
Alex Troy Duh  

Dan Uthman 


Soil morphology of a dewatered landscape at Willapa Bay, Washington 

Keith VanderBrooke Brower Carnivore habitat use across differing urbanization levels, human-wildlife interactions
Whitney Vonada Chang
Spatial and temporal variability of stream temperature and landscape characteristics
Elinore Webb Lafrenz

GIS, geomorphology, and the spatial distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizae in Oregon coastal wetlands

Current Ph.D. Students


Hue Doung


Vulnerability assessment to flood inundation in urban areas: A comparison between Portland, Oregon and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Zbigniew Grabowski 


The influence of ecological and environmental values in guiding urban development pathways 

Daniel Larson


Payment for ecosystem services in the Clackamas River watershed
Elsie Love Brower Environment-society relations in Nepal and the broader Himalaya 
Janardan Mainali Chang  Water quality modeling using landscape variables

Masound Momeni


An ecosystem service based approach for water resource management in an arid river basin



Vegetation canopy structure estimation via multispectral remote sensing 

Zuriel Rasmussen


Urban biogeography, psychogeography, citizen science, coyotes 

Alexander Ross Chang  



Social-ecological systems; changing disturbance regimes and ecosystem resilience; forested peatlands.