Idowu (Jola) Ajibade, Assistant Professor of Geography                                                            
Political ecology, global climate change, disaster risk reduction, development studies, gender, urbanization and future cities, environmental justice, environmental governance, human rights, qualitative methods

503.725.3167 iajibade@pdx.edu

Barbara BrowerProfessor of Geography
Resource policy, mountain geography, pastoralism, cultural ecology, highland Asia, the American West
503.725.8044  browerb@pdx.edu

Alida Cantor, Assistant Professor of Geography                                                                
Water resources management, legal geography, environmental justice, political ecology, feminist science and technology studies, human-environment geography 

503.725.3165 acantor@pdx.edu

Heejun ChangProfessor of Geography and Department Chair
Hydrology & water resources, climate change impact assessment, ecosystem services, visual spatial analysis, GIS 503.725.3162  changh@pdx.edu

Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) DuhAssociate Professor of Geography and Director of GIS Programs
GIS Certificate Program Coordinator
GIS, remote sensing, spatial decision support systems, ecological and socioeconomic processes
503.725.3159  jduh@pdx.edu

Andrés HolzAssistant Professor of Geography 
Forest dynamics, disturbance ecology, climate-fire-human relationships 
503.725.3158 andres.holz@pdx.edu

Martin LafrenzAssociate Professor of Geography 
Geomorphology and water resources, land use change, GIS
503.725.3163  lafrenz@pdx.edu

Paul Loikith, Assistant Professor
Regional climate and climate change, climate and weather extremes, climate model analysis
503.725.3078 ploikith@pdx.edu

Martin SwobodzinskiAssistant Professor of Geography and Director, Center for Spatial Analysis and Research 
Geographic information science, behavioral geography, spatial cognition, transportation
503.725.3164 swobod@pdx.edu


David BanisAssociate Director, Center for Spatial Analysis and Research and Adjunct Professor of Geography
Applied GIS, map design, cultural geography, natural resource management
503.725.8903  dbanis@pdx.edu

Nancee Hunter, Research Assistant Professor, Director of the Center for Geography Education in Oregon              PhD in Environmental Science and Resource Management from PSU, dedicated to geography education and teacher professional development.
503-725-3928 nhunter@pdx.edu

Melissa Lucash, Research Assistant Professor                                                                                                           Forest ecology, climate change, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology, ecological modeling, forest management, tree physiology, integrating research into descision-making, K-12 education 

Hunter ShobeAssociate Professor
Cultural, urban, and political geography, sense of place, urban landscapes, uses of public spaces
503.725.3079  hshobe@pdx.edu