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David Banis


GIS Lab Manager & Associate Director-
Center for Spatial Analysis & Research (CSAR)

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MS Geography Portland State University (2004)
GIS Professional Certification # 91651, (2015) 

Research Interests

 Applied GIS, map design, cultural geography, natural  resource  management

Courses Taught 

 GEOG 4/588  Introduction to Geographic Information  Systems
 GEOG 4/592 GIS Applications
 GEOG 4/584  Cartographic Applications of GIS
 GEOG 4/585 Map Design and Production
 GEOG 380 Maps and Geographic Information
 GEOG 399 Maps and Society
 GEOG 4/565  Tuscany: Sustainability in City and  Country 

Recent Presentations and Publications

 Hunter Shobe and David Banis, “Cartographies of Geographic Imagination: The Cultural Atlas” presented at the  Association of American Geographers Annual  Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2016.

 Rossitza Wooster, David Banis, and Ayesha Khalid (2016). A geographic view of expansion choices by U.S. firms in  China. International Trade Journal  Vol. 30 Issue 1, p33-58.

 David Banis and Hunter Shobe gave an invited talk at the University of Oregon Library Faculty Forum about their  book Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas. March 2, 2016

 Todd Stephenson, David Banis, Kyle Lempinen, Katey Bisso, and Whit Sheard, “Circumpolar Arctic Marine Synthesis:
 Identifying Important Marine Areas and Conservation Gaps”; presented at Arctic Frontiers: Industry and  Environment, Tromso, Norway, January 2016

 Kevin Donohue, David Banis, and Rossitza Wooster, "Mapping the Distribution of American Investment in Latin  America from 1980-2005”; presented at the Southern Economic Association International Conference, New  Orleans, LA, November 2015.

 The Atlas of Oregon Climate and Climate Change , a collaboration of C-GEO and CSAR, was published online in  November 2015. Author: Teresa Bulman, Chief Cartographer: David Banis 

 David Banis and Hunter Shobe (October 2015). Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas, Sasquatch Books, Seattle WA.

 Chris Grant, David Banis, and Don Pettit, "Standardized Symbologies for the Oregon  Incident Response Information  System", Portland Cartography Symposium. November 2015

 David Banis and Hunter Shobe gave a Portland State of Mind talk about the making of their book Portlandness: A  Cultural Atlas. October 28, 2015 

 Alexa Todd and David Banis, "Analyzing Public Participation Data for Transportation Planning in the Mt. Baker-  Snoqualmie National Forest", GIS in Action, Vancouver, WA May 2015

 David Banis and Hunter Shobe, "Music, Mental Maps, and Sense of Place: Methodology and Pedagogy", Association  of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL April 2015

 David Banis and Hunter Shobe, "Understanding Place Narratives: Making the Cultural Atlas of Portland", Association  of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL April 2015

 Megler, V., Banis, D., and Chang, H. (2014) Spatial Analysis of Graffiti in San Francisco. Applied Geography 54, 


 2015 John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teaching Award for Geography. This is his 3rd time winning this award.