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Barbara Brower

Barbara Brower 
 Professor of Geography

 503.725.8044                                                                                                                               Office Hours


 Ph.D. Geography (1987), University of California, Berkeley
 M.A. Geography (1982), University of California, Berkeley
 B.S. Anthropology (1977), University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

 Cultural ecology, mountain geography, Nepal, the western United States, wildland resource conservation and policy,  the environmental movement

Courses Taught

 GEOG 321 Mt Hood
 GEOG 347 Environmental Issues and Action
 GEOG 348 Cultural and Political Ecology
 GEOG 349 Mountain Geography
 GEOG 352 The Himalaya and Tibet
 GEOG 4/510 Oregon Farmscapes 
 GEOG 4/549 Geography of Food 



Graduate Students

 Ross Calhoun: The birth and growth of an urban park: A historical geography of Washington Park 
 Kevin Donohue: Cartography, GIS, urban geography, historical geography, urban landscape change and uneven  development 
 Jenny Grant: A comparison of community response and management methods for urban-dwelling coyotes
 Anthony Hair: Socioeconomic dynamics of mountaintop removal mining
 Tera Hinkley: Biogeography, GIS, remote sensing, land use, natural resource management, environmental policy  
 Elsie Love (SOE PhD): Environment-society relations in Nepal and the broader Himalaya 
 Smitha Rao (SOE PhD): The history of rIght wing environmentalism in India
 Zuriel Rasmussen (SOE PhD): Urban biogeography, psychogeography, citizen science, coyotes
 Kira Smith: Nature and society, sustainability, community development 


Recent Grants

 Barbara Brower received faculty enhancement grant titled "What the herders know: Mapping climate change in  Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park" May 2015