APCG 2016

2016 Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Annual Meeting

The Department of Geography at Portland State University hosted the
79th Annual Meeting, October 5-8 in beautiful Portland, Oregon. 

 Over 275 academic, professional, and student members of APCG participated in paper and poster sessions, field trips, presidential plenary, welcoming keynote talk and reception, and the concluding banquet.


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Geography Faculty Presentations


David Banis, Alexa Todd, and Rebecca McLain, Portland State University, Lee Cerveny, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station

Toward the use of sociocultural PPGIS data: Travel management analysis for national forests

Barbara Brower, Portland State University

Wolves vs Sheep: France vs Western US

Heejun Chang, Hue Duong, Lumas Helaire, and Stefan Talke, Portland State University

Urban flood risk management in a changing climate 

Andres Holz, Portland State University, Juan Paritsis and Thomas Kitzberger, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, Ignacio Mundo, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina, Ricardo Grau and Ezequiel Araoz Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina, Grant Williamson, University of Tasmania, Thomas T. Veblen, University of Colorado, Boulder, Mauro Gonzalez and Carlos Bustos, Universidad Austral, Chile, Juan Quezada Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina

Southern Annular Mode drives multi-century wildfire activity in southern South America

Martin Lafrenz, Catherine de Rivera, and Sarah Eppley, Portland State University

The Resilience of Oregon Salt Marshes to Sea Level Rise

Paul Loikith and Alex Sweeney Portland State University, Benjamin Lintner, Rutgers University

Characterizing Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns and Associated Temperature and Precipitation Extremes over the Northwestern United States using Self Organizing Maps

Martin Swobodzinski, Portland State University,

Applications of immersive visualizations in geography


Geography Graduate Student Presentations


Kevin Donohue and Rebecca McLain, Portland State University

Wayfinding in the Cully neighborhood of Portland, Oregon: Using community feedback to connect people to a neighborhood park

Aylan Lee, Portland State University

Technology, Ecology, and the Undoing of Infrastructure: Examining the San Clemente Dam Removal

Melanie Malone, Portland State University

A Critical Physical Geographical Analysis of Soil Quality in an Agricultural Setting

Rebecca McLain and Zuriel Rasmussen, Portland State University

You want what? Developing an interactive online mapping and survey tool for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests – Part 1

Gabriel Rousseau, Tim Hitchins, and David Banis, Portland State University

You want what? Developing an interactive online mapping and survey tool for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests – Part 2

Kira Smith, Portland State University

Perceptions of collaborative governance in the Klamath River Basin


Geography Graduate Student Posters


Judah Detzer and Paul Loikith, Portland State University

Assessing the Meteorology Associated with Extreme Dust Storms over the Arabian Peninsula: A statistical and dynamical approach

Emily Slinskey and Paul Loikith, Portland State University, Duane E Waliser, JPL, Cal Tech

Towards an Event Based Indicator for Monitoring Change in Extreme Precipitation in Support of the US National Climate Assessment

Alexis Cooley and Heejun Chang, Portland State University

Seasonal trend detection in hourly and daily precipitation observations in Portland, OR

Douglas Thalacker and Andres Holz, Portland State University

Biophysical facilitators of conifer encroachment on the Muddy River Lahar, Mount St. Helens, WA


Hunter Shobe (conference coordinator)