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Sample Grants


Sample 1 


Teacher-Consultant Incentive Grant Application

Year of Summer Institute Attended: 2002

Title of Project

Geography Curriculum Enhancements


Brief Description (use back of application if needed):

Last year I used sections of the 2nd grade and 3rd grade social studies textbooks to teach geography to my blended class. This year I will only have 3rd graders in my class, I will need to provide curriculum enhancements. Our school has a very limited supply of curriculum materials so the materials I am requesting will help me to develop supplemental lesson plans for more in-depth geography studies. Students responded so favorably last year to the supplemental geography materials that I am excited about enhancing our curriculum with additional materials and activities this year.


Grade level(s) that are taught and will be impacted by project and the total number of students project will benefit:

3rd grade, approximately 15 students


Starting Date:

September 2004


Expected Completion date: June 2005


Explanation of Project (use additional paper if needed):


Continent Charts - These charts will be used for classroom display. The only display map I have for my classroom at present is the one that I won at the OGA conference!


Seven Continent Series Books - This unit series, based on the five themes of geography, will be a great resource for geography lessons and activities. Up-to-date maps, information pages, and reproducible activity pages will supplement our limited text materials.


Geography Songs CD: Singing is one of my students favorite activities and we often incorporate educational songs with other subject learning, such as math. This CD includes award-winning sing along recordings with reproducible pages. Students will love learning geography through rhyming songs.


3D Landforms Map - topography will be exciting to learn with these colorful maps that can be touched as well as seen. The teacher resource guide will provide me with an array of interesting activities to coordinate with this introduction to landforms.


My Mapmaking Kit - Student will use this multifaceted kit for interactive learning in creating their own maps. I plant to use the kit for small group projects in coordination with map skills activities and instruction. Last year my students loved map skills activities. This mapmaking kit will build on their skills and promote greater understanding through constructive activities.


Geography Terms Set - Visual introduction of geography terms with these colorful enlarged graphic displays will for geography to life for my class. An accompanying lesson plan book will provide an array of materials I can choose from, to reinforce student understanding.


Earth Forms Photo Book Library - This book series depicting various earth forms- from caves to forests- with photos and texts looks irresistible. Twelve books depicting various earth forms will give students a clear understanding of different environments. They will also be a valuable enhancement to stimulate students reading non-fiction books.


Teacher Consultant Incentive Grant Supplies

School Specialty: Educator's Marketplace


-The Continent Charts item # 31385843 $10.25

-Seven Continent Series Books item # 31067583 $91.59

-Geography Songs CD item # 31075239 $25.59

-3D Landforms Map item # 31301323 $24.25

-My Mapmaking Kit item # 31075237N $205.88

-Geography Terms Set item# 31357219N $50.88


Lakeshore Learning 1-800-778-4456

-Earth Forms Photo Book Library Item# VX-277 $79.50


TOTAL: $487.94



Sample 2


Teacher-Consultant Incentive Grant Application

Year of Summer Institute Attended: 2003 (Forestry of Oregon)

Title of Project

Global Perspectives Mathematics


Brief Description (use back of application if needed):

I have written a curriculum that directly integrates mathematics and geography. It includes word problems that deal with physical and human geography as well as a map on which students label physical and political places.


Grade level(s) that are taught and will be impacted by project and the total number of students project will benefit:

These atlases will be used by 7th and 8th graders in all six of my math classes. Currently that is approximately 140 students.


Starting Date:

I am currently using the curriculum


Expected Completion date: I will have the atlases ordered within a month of grant approval. The use of the atlases will be ongoing.


Explanation of Project (use additional paper if needed):


I would like to purchase atlases to have in my math classroom. Currently I am borrowing/sharing atlases with the geography classrooms which makes my geography integration limited and difficult. The purchase of atlases for use in my room will allow greater flexibility as well as increased integration because my use of the atlases will not be restricted by the availability of the atlases. For further information and justification of the project, see the attached research paper.


Total Budget Request (be specific in listing costs and materials):

Item: Rand McNally Atlas of World Geography

Quantity: 30 atlases and one teacher activity guide

Unit Cost: $372.50

Shipping: $29.80

Total Cost: $402.30