Resources for Teachers

Family Geography Night Manual  for hosting successful Family Geography Night

Addendum to Family Geography Night Manual - Additional Activities

Grants C-GEO and other grant sources

C-GEO Library

Picture Books for Teaching Geography

GIS Resources for the K-12 Classroom 

This is a searchable Excel spreadsheet of GIS and other geospatial and non-geospatial technology resources designed for use in preK-12 classrooms.

On-line resources from non-Oregon state geographic Alliances

Links to useful geography resources:

Geography Bee
Contact the National Geographic Society.

Oregon Department of Education - Social Science

Geography Organizations
National Geographic
National Council for Geographic Education
Geographical Association (UK)

This is My Earth (TIME) A program to engage students in ownership and decision-making on issues involving biodiversity and related topics.  It involves education, activism, and democratic practice; the entire class can participate and engage with other classrooms around the world. 

This is MY Earth video

National Geographic Education Resource
Act on Climate  Our changing climate influences our daily lives and is a defining issue for today's students. All over the world, people and organizations are taking action to both lower carbon footprints and find innovative ways to adapt to the effects of climate change. Use the resources found on the Act on Climate web page to help your students understand this complex and multifaceted problem. 

History and General Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies
Oregon Council for the Social Studies