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Tsvi Josephs, Abigail Jacobs-Kaufman Scholarship Recipient
Tsvi Josephs, Abigail Jacobs-Kaufman Scholarship Recipient

Tsvi Josephs has been awarded the Abigail Jacobs-Kaufman Scholarship in Judaic Studies for 2014 – 2015. 

Upon returning from a trip to Israel, Tsvi, an east coast native, moved to Portland in 2010 eager to pursue a college degree in the humanities. After starting at a community college, he transferred to PSU to study Hebrew and Judaic Studies. Now, he is entering his third year of Hebrew and will graduate in Spring 2015.

“PSU has allowed me a great opportunity to explore my relationship with my Jewish identity.”

Tsvi, who works a part-time construction job while attending PSU, was excited to learn that he was selected for the Abigail Jacobs-Kaufman Scholarship: 

“I feel like I’ve achieved something, and it’s great to be recognized.”

After earning a degree from PSU, Tsvi plans to travel back to Israel to pursue graduate studies, with a focus on psychotherapy.