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Sentencing Service Program
Sentencing Service Program

Kate McCracken graduated from the Conflict Resolution program in 2008 and now serves as director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Sentencing Service Program (SSP) in San Francisco. The SSP advocates for alternatives for adult and juvenile offenders, whose background, goals, illnesses and other issues may have been neglected throughout the criminal process. SSP reports include extensive social history, family input, educational and vocational goals, and planning, as well as recommendations for possible placement.

Kate moved to Portland from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, where she worked as a mediator for a community dispute resolution agency. She says her thesis research opened her eyes to the challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals face during reentry. "The coursework in restorative justice allowed me to fully understand adult and juvenile delinquents as unique individuals, which is essential to the success of SSP's work."

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