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PSU's Outlist
PSU's Outlist

We are here.
We are your professors, alumni, students, staff, faculty, coworkers and friends.
We support the Portland State University lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and ally community.
We acknowledge the importance of speaking out against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


J.R. Tarabocchia, Staff, Ally Tall Enrollment Management &, Student Affairs

Shelly Merry, Student, Queer Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Debra Porta, Student, Lesbian Public Administration-Master's

Wendy Swanson, Faculty ED/CI 1976, 1981

Rachel Katz, Alumni, Faculty, Ally English 2009

Tyler Alexander, Student, Gay Political Science

Chris Hagerman, Faculty, Ally Geography

Ann Ngo, Student, Ally Public Health

Jovana Andersob, Student, Alumni, Ally criminal Justice 2005, 2008

Emily, Faculty, Ally Library

Aimee McQuiston, Student, Ally Art History

Andrea Janda, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Department of Economics 2010

Brianna Buckner, Student Asexual Computer Science

Nathaniel Bond, Student, Ally Japanese Literature

Miranda Bradley, Alumni, Staff Physics 2011

Ashley Burgess, Student, Staff, Community Member, Ally Health Studies:Community Health Education UNST Peer Mentor

Kat, Student German

Helen Reed, Faculty, Queer Art

Sarah McAlister, Student, Ally Accounting

Charles Deemer, Faculty, Ally English / Writing

Vicki Reitenauer, Faculty Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hyeyoung Woo, Faculty, Ally Sociology

Molly Bressers, Student, Staff, Ally Masters of Urban Studies Sustainability

Jeremy "Remi" Graber, Student, Bisexual, Queer, Ally Organismal Biology

Sarah Lazzeroni, Student, Ally Criminology and Criminal Justice

Kara Allred, Student, Lesbian Pan sexual Applied Linguistics

Saori Clark, Alumni, Staff SBA 2003

Meredith Meier, Student, Ally English & Applied Linguistics

Sally Sheklow, Faculty, Lesbian, Queer Extended Studies/Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

natasha, Student, Bisexual social work

Laura Mees, Student, Ally Heteroflexible Criminology / Criminal Justice

Cat McGraw, Staff, Queer Coordinator, Queer Resource Center

Allison Zimmerman, Student, Ally biology

Sarah McNeil, Student, Ally Arts & Letters

Jo Marie, Student Pansexual Japanese

Adam Sinnett, Student, Ally Computer Science

Magdalene Serpa, Student, Ally Film

Sofia Chavier, Student, Community Member, Bisexual, Queer, Ally Criminal Justice

Doug Siegler, Alumni, Staff, Gay SBA 2007

Valerie Shepherd, Alumni, Ally Straight who loves all! 2009

Christie Emmert, Student, Lesbian Biology 2012

Kate Constable, Staff, Ally School of Social Work

Cynthia Tester, Student, Ally Accounting

Corissa, Student, Lesbian, Queer Women's Studies

Val Brenneis, Faculty, Ally ESM

Alex Taylor, Student Graphic Design

Seth Thomas, Student, Ally Undecided

Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, Student Masters of Urban and Regional Planning

Sarah Eastman, Student, Ally Environmental Science

Madeline Steele, Student, Ally Geography

Crystal Froembling, Student, Alumni, Staff, Community Member, Queer MPA School of Social Work 2009

Noel Mickelberry, Student, Ally Public Administration

Amanda Peden, Student, Ally MPH

Patrick J. Rock, Faculty, Ally PSU Art Department Erica Ordway, Student, Ally International Studies

Whitney Patterson, Student, Lesbian English

Tania Porter, Student, Bisexual Masters of Public Administration

Cailin, Student, Staff, Ally Developmental Psychology Psychology

Jeff Shelton, Student, Ally Sociology Graduate, Student 2011

Bryony, Student, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer boi English

Todd Greco, Faculty, Ally Multimedia Certificate Program

Margaret Freeland Braun, Student, Ally Psychology

Natalie West, Student, Staff Fabulous MA TESOL Applied Linguistics

Stacey Balenger, Student, Staff Urban Studies Purchasing & Contracting

Devin Jordan, Student, Bisexual, Queer Civil Engineering

Marissa Matsler, Student, Ally Urban Studies

Sarah Fuller, Staff, Ally CLAS 2009

Laszlo Kakash, Student, Gay Real Estate Finance

michael lupro, Alumni, Faculty, Ally UNST 2000

Heidi Allen, Alumni, Faculty, Lesbian Social Work 2000/2008

Nate Jayne, Student, Ally Communications

Adrienne Graf, Staff, Lesbian, Queer Women's Resource Center

Su Yim, Student, Ally Master's in Social Work

Dana Hawthorne, Student, Ally Economics

Angela Misa, Student Social Science

Tina Shantz, Student, Ally Interdisciplinary studies

Bridge D'Urso, Alumni, Staff, Queer WRC/EMSA 2009

Anne Fletcher, Student, Staff, Ally Master's of Social Work SHAC

Christine Hanolsy, Staff, Lesbian Center for Public Service

Katie Jundt, Staff, Ally SALP

Daniel Hecox, Student, Gay French

Jenna Dyste, Student, Ally Community Health Education

Adina Henderson, Student, Ally Undecided

Matthew Weidner, Student, Ally Masters of Urban and Regional Planning

Alexandra Meneely, Student, Ally N/A Business Administration N?A N/A

Cindy Baccar, Staff Admission, Registration & Records

Elaine Murray, Alumni, Ally 2011

Ashley Wendler, Staff, Ally Residence Life

Gabrielle Sysyn, Staff, Ally Undergraduate Advising

Brian Grant, Staff, Ally OIT

Drew Skipper, Student, Gay Environmental Science

Jean Bond, Student, Queer Public Administration

Jennifer Trinchero, Student straight but not narrow continuing ed

Diane Smith, Staff, Ally Center for, Student Health and Counseling

Scott Broussard, Faculty, Ally Undergraduate Advising and Support Center

Nicholas Rhodes, Staff, Gay, Queer, Ally Learning Center

Ari Douangpanya, Staff, Ally International Studies 2002

Ellie Justice, Faculty Helen Gordon Child Development Center

Jonathan Walker, Faculty English

Sarah E Heilman, Alumni, Ally 2011

Kelley Gardiner, Alumni, Staff, Ally Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002

A Tasa Lehman, Staff, Ally Graduate School of Education

Brighid Mullee, Student, Ally German

Nichole Culley

Joseph Hopper, Student, Gay, Queer Environmental Studies

Kiley Hicks, Student Biology

Damian Erskine, Faculty, Ally Jazz

Robert Richardson, Student, Faculty Person (responsible individual) Biology Biology

Jeanne Roedel, Alumni, Ally 2011

Sara, Alumni, Staff, Ally Computer Science 2009

Traci Simmons, Student, Ally Community Health/Health Sciences

Sharon Carstens, Faculty, Ally Anthropology

Johnathan Luster, Staff, Gay Orientation

Richelle Harvey, Student Heterosexual History

Nichole Culley, Staff, Ally Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services- CWP

Nathanael Benz, Alumni International Studies 2011

Mia Skolnick, Student, Alumni, Ally Music 2011

Marvin R. Hampton, Student, Queer Undecided

Brandon Vernon, Gay French and Spanish

Wilfred Ringer, Student, Ally Chemistry

Alison Nimura, Staff, Ally OIT

Tom Keller, Student, Ally MBA

Maddy Sweeney, Student, Lesbian Public Health

Cher Wildenborg, Staff straight FADM

Leslie Sandoval, Student, Ally Spanish

Sarah Renkens, Staff, Ally Transportation & Parking

Liz Paterson, Student, Queer MURP, MPH

Kris Gowen, Faculty, Ally Social Work

Annabelle Dolidon, Faculty, Lesbian World Languages and Literatures

Mary Beth Sanders, Faculty, Ally

Candyce Reynolds, Faculty Educational Leadership and Policy

Lisa Koralewicz, Staff, Ally SHAC-CAPS

Jordan Folks, Student, Ally Sociology

Lindsey Wise, Faculty, Ally INR

Michael Anthony, Student, Staff, Ally Conflict Resolution World Languages and Literatures

Callie Lambarth, Staff Social Work 1999, 2005

Randi Harris, Staff, Ally

Patrice Morris Hudson, Staff, Ally Center for Academic Excellence 1988

Caroline Smith, Student, Ally Sociology

Brandon Estevez, Student, Ally Science/Pre-Med

Dana Tasson, MD, Staff, Gay SHAC

Tyson Vanover, Staff, Bisexual, Queer

Julie Kates, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Social Work 1995

Chelsea Chester, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Felecia Wineman, Student, Ally Library Media

Jana Hain, Staff, Ally Housing & Residence Life

Elisa Binger Black, Student Social Science

Kenny Dow, Staff, Gay Athletics

Nicole Aue, Staff RRI 2005

Patricia (Pat) Steed, Alumni, Staff, Ally Business Affairs/Accounts Receivable 1980

Amber Hollingsworth, Staff, Ally Fun-time Person Marketing

Heather Spalding, Staff, Ally Sustainability Leadership Center 2009

Aimee Clott, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Conflict Resolution 2005

Jen Greisel, Student, Lesbian Biology

Bill Ryder, Faculty, Staff, Ally Enrollment Management &, Student Affairs

Brooke Gardner, Student, Ally Environmental Studies CLAS Dean's Office 2013

Kieran Henthorn, Student, Ally Accounting

Valerie Carsey, Student, Bisexual Business Marketing

Alice, Student, Ally Accounting

Joan Petit, Faculty, Ally Library

Sara Thompson, Student, Queer Civil Engineering

AJ Brown, Faculty, Bisexual IELP

Jude, Student, Ally Business

Dan Jones, Student, Staff, Gay, Queer Counseling Career Center

Nicolette Bartulski, Student, Ally Women's Studies

Stephanie Benston, Student, Ally Genderqueer, Demisexual Chemistry

Courtney VanWinkle, Student, Bisexual, Ally Music

Phil Zerzan, Staff, Ally Public Safety

Ann Mussey, Faculty, Lesbian, Bisexual, Questioning, Queer, Ally Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Rita Snodgrass, Staff, Lesbian Business Affairs

Felicia, Student, Ally Biology, Psychology, Public Health and Social Sciences 2011

Jacquie Lonning, Student, Ally Interdisciplinary Studies

Kristen Kohashi, Student Graphic Design

Caroline Litzenberger, Alumni, Faculty, Lesbian History 1989

Gina Senarighi, Staff, Gay Femme Dean of, Student Life Office

Christopher Skinner, Student, Staff MPAHA ARR

Julie Thompson, Alumni, Staff, Ally Graduate School of Education Women's Studies, CLAS

Nelson Sigrah, Faculty, Ally Advising and Career Services

Chelsea Kachman, Student, Ally MFA -- Creative Writing, Poetry

Leticia Cortinas, Staff, Ally School of Social Work and Graduate School of Education

Shoshana Zeisman, Staff, Ally Academic and Career Services

Mark Walker, Alumni, Staff, Gay OIT 2002

Helen, Student, Ally Public Health: Physical Activity/Exercise

Regina Arellano, Alumni, Faculty, Ally ACS/UASC 2003 (BS) & 2006 (MA)

Kirk Paulsen, Student, Ally Transportation Engineering

Ashley Redfearn, Student, Lesbian BS - Social Sciences

Maura Kelly, Faculty, Ally Sociology

Debbie Dresner, Staff, Ally ARR

Sara Duerr, Staff Auxiliary

Ajay Rundell, Alumni, Ally 2011

Aly Springer, Student, Ally Criminal Justice

Mitch, Student, Staff, Gay Business Conferences & Events

Khanh Nguyen, Student Computer Science

Matthew Brehm, Student, Ally History

Jill Sweney, Student, Ally Systems Science

Keith Walters, Faculty Applied Linguistics

Katie Vevoda, Student, Queer, Ally Social Science

John Hirschy, Student, Gay, Queer Sociology

Kirsten Keith, Student, Transgender, Queer Women Gender and Sexuality Studies

Stefanie Randol, Student, Staff MS Ed: Postsecondary, Adult and Continuing Ed Graduate School of Ed Dean's office

Christine Jarlstrom, Student, Staff, Queer Women's Studies WRC, ASPSU

Carol Wallace, Staff, Ally OTREC 1990

Mindy Friend, Staff, Ally Educational Leadership and Policy

Matthew Holdgate, Student, Ally Biology

Don Mueller, Staff, Gay Maseeh College Dean's Office

Katie Wishart, Student, Lesbian Liberal Studies

Ryan Reichert, Student, Gay Masters of International Management

Samantha-Anne Harila, Student, Faculty Intersex Pre-Pharmacy

Curran Stark, Student, Transgender, Questioning, Ally Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Dilbeck, Student, Gay Music Composition

Sophie McKinley, Student, Lesbian Health Studies: Community Health

Christi, Student, Ally Social Work

Curran Stark, Student Questioning, Ally Mechanical Engineering

Krystine McCants, Student, Bisexual Economics

Dean Atkinson, Faculty, Ally Chemistry

Christina Luther, Faculty, Ally International, Student and Scholar Services

Jane Lee, Staff, Ally CUPA

Lesley Eisele, Student, Ally Social Work

Eric Jensen, Student, Ally Art

Melissa Simard, Student, Bisexual, Ally Psychology

David Rose, Student, Gay BA: Art Practices

Amy Vinsonhaler Warren, Student, Alumni, Ally Educational Policy and Leadership 2010

Sam Ward, Student, Bisexual, Ally Computer Science

Bethany Davidson, Student, Alumni, Staff, Bisexual Masters in Public Administration Community Environmental Services 2011

Anita Bright, Faculty Graduate School of Education

Rik Lemoncello, Faculty, Gay Speech & Hearing Sciences

Julie Lesseg, Student, Lesbian Graphic Design

Anne Mulligan, Student, Lesbian, Queer, Ally Black Studies

Emily Hudson-Evalt, Student, Queer Social Science

Jessika Ava, Student, Bisexual MPA

Justin Altemus, Student, Bisexual Anthropology

Kristin Kohl, Student, Ally Art Studies

Tyler Prehn, Student, Ally Environmental Science

Robert Nercer, Staff, Gay College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Doni Diaz, Student, Lesbian GIS 2011

Tony Camacho, Student, Gay MPA:HA

Jen Comer, Student, Bisexual architecture

Andrea Gorman, Student, Staff Social Science University Studies

Kathryn Martini, Student, Lesbian English

Lina Soares, Student, Ally Social Work

James Mitchell, Student, Gay, Ally Japanese

Gwen Shusterman, Faculty, Ally Chemistry

Joseph Brown, Student, Ally sociology

Lindsey Witcosky, Student, Ally math

Barbara Brower, Faculty, Ally Geography

Sandra McIlhenny, Staff, Ally School of Social Work

Liza Finkel, Faculty, Ally Graduate School of Education

Shannon, Faculty, Ally RRI

Ruth Murray, Faculty, Ally Library Media Library Media-Education Dept.

Mark Wallace, Staff, Ally Graduate School of Education

Kimberly, Student, Lesbian Business Administration 2012

Grace Robinson, Student, Ally International Development

Jean Henscheid, Faculty, Ally Educational Leadership and Policy

Claire Gauntner, Student, Ally MPH Health Promotion

Jonathan Trause, Staff, Ally, Student Legal Services

Albert Spencer, Faculty, Ally Philosophy

Jake Fernandez, Staff, Ally Curriculum & Instruction

Kym Bradley, Student, Faculty, Queer MA Sociology Sociology

Emelia Ficken, Student, Ally Vocal Performance

Jeannette Hulse, Student MPH:HMP

Madeline Jovanovich, Student, Ally I don't need a sexual identity! Organismal Biology

Natan Meir, Faculty, Gay Judaic Studies

Erin Jensen, Staff, Ally Admissions, Registration & Records

Amy Hofer, Faculty University Library

Martha Dyson, Faculty, Lesbian CLAS Advising

Caitlin Lee, Student, Ally Graduate, Student Biology

Faculty, Ally Economics

Jeff Cohen, Faculty Criminology and Criminal Justice

Stephanie MacDonald, Student, Ally Psychology

Sarah Tinkler, Faculty, Ally Economics

Rachel Nelles, Staff, Ally CUPA - Urban Studies and Planning

Natalie Carlson, Student, Ally History

James Ofsink, Staff Office of, Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Florencia, Student, Lesbian, Bisexual Film & Women Studies

Holly Hein, Staff, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Ally Regional Research Institute

Annie, Staff, Ally

Steve Harmon, Alumni, Faculty, Gay Office of Academic Affairs 1988

Amy Lubitow, Faculty, Ally Sociology

Jeff Seale, Student Asexual Undecided

Sara Siestreem, Alumni, Faculty, Ally art 2005

John Hummel, Staff National Policy Consensus Center

Gretchen Thiel, Faculty, Ally School of Social Work

Janet Walker, Faculty, Ally RRI

Jacob Hanson, Student, Gay Community Development

Jessica Cole, Staff, Ally SHAC

John Edwards, Student, Ally Environmental Engineering

Lucy Dwyer, Staff, Ally SHAC

Teressa Haefele, Student, Ally science

Emily Hooper, Student, Ally English

Liz Bernunzio, Student, Ally International Studies

Heather McGill, Student, Ally Social Work

Sean Hiribarne Zamora, Student, Gay Biochemistry

Harold McNaron, Student, Ally Education

Audrey Lingley, Student, Ally Education

Kristina Schnabel, Staff, Ally SHAC

Michelle Williams, Student, Ally Psychology

Lindsay Holden, Student, Ally Post-Bac

Casiopeia Friberg, Student, Queer Liberal Studies

Christopher Roberts, Student, Gay, Queer Physics

Shirlee Geiger, Alumni, Faculty, Lesbian PHL 1978

Jeremy Tanzer, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Sociology 2004

Jilma Meneses, Staff, Ally President's Office

Lisa Hatfield, Staff, Ally Learning Center

Stephanie Hudson, Student, Ally mgmt/hr mgmt, dsgn mgmt

Diana, Student, Lesbian Graphic Design

Sarah Giles, Staff, Ally NPCC

Gwyn Ashcom, Staff, Ally SHAC

Brandon Lei, Student, Ally General Science

Dan Weiss, Staff, Gay Office of the President

Marti Clemmons, Student, Queer History

Cassia Gammill, Student, Queer English

Vanesa Arozamena, Faculty, Ally World Languages and Literatures

Courtney Sandler, Staff, Ally Housing and Residence Life

Jeanne M. Ellis, Alumni, Staff, Ally Career Center 2005

James Bickford, Alumni, Faculty, Ally SPED 1994

Dawn Stanfield, Faculty, Ally Spanish/International Studies

wendy griffin, Student, Community Member, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Ally moody pre health

Margaret Neal, Faculty, Ally Institute on Aging

Luke Scarpino, Student, Ally Psychology

Jenny Welnick, Staff, Ally Campus Rec

michael giovannoni, Student, Transgender, Transsexual

Kyla Hines, Student, Queer, Ally Rehab Counseling

Maranda Bish, Student, Ally Education

Aimee Shattuck, Alumni, Staff, Ally, Student Activities and Leadership Programs 2002

Nikki O'Reilly, Student, Ally Undeclared

Rachel Bieber, Student, Lesbian Master of Public Health

Caroline Libby, Student, Ally Biology

Rachel Foxhoven, Staff, Ally School of Business

Dana Glaze, Student, Ally Psychology

Staff, Ally HSOG

sidence Life, Gay Residence Life

Bethany Umbarger, Student, Bisexual, Ally Fine Art

Danna H. Andersen, Student Questioning, Ally Asexual Social Science

Lynn Chmelir, Faculty, Ally Library

Annie Thompson, Staff, Ally Advising and Career Services

Liane O'Banion, Faculty, Ally Learning Center 2001

Eric Lawson, Student, Ally Social Work

Nikki Thomas, Student, Bisexual Art

Liz Baxter, Faculty, Lesbian Public Health

C.J. Smith, Student Questioning, Queer, Ally Social Work

Greta Swanson Community Member, Ally

Claudia Meyer, Faculty, Ally Speech and Hearing Sciences 2002

Taylor Jean, Student, Bisexual, Ally Biology: Botany

Kaity Nelson, Alumni, Bisexual 2011

Janice McBee, Staff SHAC

Joliot Chu, Student, Gay Economics

Ross Moran, Student, Ally Social Work

Megan Carlson, Student, Queer Film

Lauren Hudgins, Student, Ally MFA Creative Nonfiction

Liz bOLES, Student, Ally Sociology

Byron Curts, Student, Gay Mathematics

Lissa Kaufman, Staff, Ally SLS

Meara Butler, Student, Ally Geography

Jeffrey Smith, Staff, Gay DMSS 2008

Edgar Frias, Student, Queer MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Susan Passera, Student, Ally Sociology

Christopher Beatty, Student, Queer Arts+Letters/Composition

Lee Ann Phillips, Faculty, Lesbian RRI 2010

Debbie Kaufman, Faculty, Ally School of Community Health

Nathan Martin, Student, Bisexual, Questioning, Ally English

Casey Szot, Student, Staff Questioning, Ally Master of Urban Studies Community Environmental Services

Miles Jackson, Faculty, Ally Psychology

Mary Arnold, Student, Bisexual Business Administration: Management & Leadership

Jamie Bower, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Meesh Petty, Student, Alumni, Queer Psychology 2011

Ginger Redlinger, Alumni 1992

Jennifer Kerns Robison, Faculty, Ally History

Emily Connelly, Student, Alumni, Bisexual, Queer MA English 2006

Hannah Katibah, Student, Ally English

Mary Vance, Staff, Ally Career Center

Bryan Wright, Faculty, Gay Conflict Resolution 2006

Lisa McMahon, Faculty, Ally Regional Research Institute

Carla Riedlinger, Alumni, Staff, Ally Parent CAPS/SHAC 1994, B.S. 1998, MSW

Rachael Black, Student, Ally Biology

Mary Locke, Student, Ally English

Kellyn Tate, Staff, Lesbian Athletics

Tobin Echohawk, Faculty, Lesbian Athletics

Westie Freeman, Student, Lesbian Mathematics Education

Julia Davidson, Student, Queer, Ally Public Administration

Nathan Whitby, Student, Ally Psychology

Bill Thompson, Student, Gay Community Development

Tia Factor, Faculty, Ally Art

Jonathyn Jackson, Student, Gay Computer Science

Ashley-Nicole Browning, Alumni, Faculty, Lesbian School of Community Health 2005 and 2009

Gina Greco, Faculty World Languages and Literatures

Jessica Hayes, Student, Alumni, Staff, Ally Psychology, French School of Social Work 2005, 2011

Jason Schrader, Student, Gay Mechanical Engineering

Jen Armbruster, Staff, Lesbian Campus Rec

Karen Thomson, Staff, Ally RSP

Ben Rangel, Student, Queer Electrical Engineering

Esperanza De La Vega, Faculty Curriculum & Instruction

Sean Hickey, Student, Ally Pre-Med

Mike Ellison, Student, Ally Environmental Sciences and Resources

Jason, Alumni, Ally 2008

Chase Reinhart, Student, Staff, Ally Chemistry

Cathy Heslin, Staff, Ally Electrical and Computer Engineering

John Barbieri, Student, Gay Sociology

Brenna, Staff

Lee DeCouteau, Student, Ally Speech and Hearing Sciences

Benjamin Graves, Student Jazz Performance

Jason Porter, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Megan Coning, Student, Queer Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Stefan Rasmussen, Student, Ally Economics

Kathleen Merrow, Faculty University Honors Program

Tyler Kennedy, Student, Ally Physics

Megan Nelson, Staff, Ally SHAC

Kim Heavener, Staff ISS

Louie Opatz, Student, Ally Creative Writing

Anastasia C.C. Baker, Student, Ally History

Lauren Krueger, Student, Ally Electrical Engineering

Laura Zeigen, Student, Ally MPH

Sky Cunningham, Student, Queer Mathematics

Louis Rodge, Staff, Ally Purchasing

Emily Lakehomer, Student, Ally English

Erin Barnhart, Student, Faculty, Ally Urban Studies Public Administration

Scott Tetz, Student, Ally

Zuzana Molcanova, Student, Ally Conflict Resolution

Theresa, Staff, Ally Housing

Paulette Watanabe, Staff, Ally Diversity & Multicultural, Student Services

Vicky Mazzone, Alumni, Staff, Ally Survey Research Lab and Regional Research Institute 2002

Ashley Schmuecker, Student, Ally Conflict Resolution

Elizabeth Konop, Student, Ally Art History

Murphy Phelan, Student, Ally Graphic Design

James McGill, Student, Bisexual, Transsexual Social Work

Dawn Ross, Student, Ally Health Science

Erin Schick, Student, Ally Sociology

David Nokovic, Student, Staff, Gay Geography PSU Sustainability Leadership Center

Miles Bennette-Eaton, Student, Gay Liberal Studies

Sudha Malakar, Student Undeclared

Hannah Young, Student, Ally African studies

Heidi B, Student, Ally Education

Deb Allen, Student, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Educational Leadership Education MS '95

Elizabeth Orwoll-Harris, Student, Bisexual, Ally Music Performance - Violin

Jess Amo, Staff, Ally WRC

Kevin Bransford, Student, Ally Health Studies

Carrie Furrer, Alumni, Staff, Ally Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services 2005

Katelyn Schrattenholzer, Student, Ally Psychology

Matthew Mitarnowski, Staff, Ally NTS

Katie Robertson, Student, Lesbian Pre-Medicine

Ben Glaus, Student, Ally Post bac accounting

Kara Srnka, Student, Bisexual Community Development

Kari Tate, Student, Lesbian Health Studies

Nicole Levine, Student, Lesbian, Queer Geography

Josie Solari, Student Marketing

Shannon Sprague, Staff, Ally, Student Legal Services

Danielle Grondin, Student, Staff, Bisexual Sociology Sustainability Leadership Center, and Resident Life

Melissa Trifiletti, Staff, Lesbian Admissions, Registration & Records

Chad Scott, Student, Gay English

Cynthia Gomez, Faculty, Ally UNST

Amber Cagle, Staff, Ally Auxiliary Services

Darcy Sharpe, Student, Bisexual, Ally Film/Theater

Kate Dillon, Student, Bisexual Spanish

Kathleen Doss, Faculty, Ally Communication

Marissa Long-Peak, Student, Lesbian Engineering

Russell Davis, Student, Gay Business

Kelia Smith, Student, Bisexual, Ally Undecided

Joyce O'Halloran, Faculty, Ally MTH

Ruby Ramirez, Student, Staff, Ally Marketing OCCD

Anna Petry, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

April Williams, Student, Lesbian Chemistry

Danielle Cantrell, Student, Ally Communication Studies

Bill Knight, Faculty English

Rachel, Staff, Ally SALP

Lisa Whedon, Faculty, Ally Business Affairs

Quinn Coleman, Student ipsl

Andrea Durland, Student, Ally English Lit

Mike Anderson, Staff, Gay Campus Public Safety

Mitch Swan, Student, Ally Fellow human Physics

Yvonne Perez Emerson, Faculty, Ally Art, Graphic Design

Gretchen, Student, Alumni, Bisexual, Ally Masters in Social Work BA-2006

Aaron Kelly, Student, Staff, Ally Theatre Theatre

Megan Kochiss, Student, Ally Conflict Resolution

Kate Davis, Alumni, Faculty, Community Member Social Work 2000

Erik Tsuneta, Student, Ally undecided

Christina Hulbe, Faculty, Ally Geology

Eliza Anderson, Student, Lesbian Undecided

Rebecca Kennedy, Student, Ally Master of Urban & Regional Planning

Pauline Jivanjee, Faculty, Ally SSW

Sophia Do, Student, Ally Psychology

Joseph Wightman, Alumni, Ally brother 2011

Leila Schwanemann, Student Biochemistry

Tiffany Gomez, Student, Ally Psychology and Art Studies

Darlene Brady, Staff Athletics

Lindsey Schuhmacher, Alumni, Ally 2009

Claire, Student, Bisexual, Queer Women Studies

Chelsea Hallam, Student Pansexual Psychology

Jackie Kelley, Student, Ally Community Health

Melissa McGowan, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Nicole Prophet, Student, Queer Psychology

Fiona Bruce, Student, Ally Arts and Letters

Alyssa R, Student, Ally Marketing

Susie Snyder LCSW, Faculty, Ally Social Work

April M., Staff, Student Health & Counseling

Jena Zarza, Student, Staff, Ally Sociology Sociology

Kanji Myers, Student english

Sami Faile, Staff, Ally

Andrew Grossman, Student, Staff, Gay HR Management Athletics

Tessara Dudley, Student, Transgender, Queer Business

Courtney Edwards, Student Business

Karli Schwab, Student, Ally Theatre

Rebecca Sauerwein, Student, Bisexual English/Creative Writing

Hillary Paasch, Staff, Ally Admissions/Orientation

Jaime Fabey, Student, Queer Integrated Education

Victoria Aguirre, Student Speech and Hearing Sciences

Alexander Oliver, Alumni, Gay 2011

Amreen Ukani, Student Fiction/Publishing

Steven, Student, Ally Psychology

Samantha Scott, Student, Bisexual, Queer Social Science/Math

Maddison Zilinkas, Student Social Work

Patt Dolan, Student, Bisexual Aging Services

John Verssue, Student, Staff, Gay Urban and Regional Planning Ticket Office

Jessi Conner, Student, Ally Community Development

Myrlaviani Rivier, Student, Lesbian Arts & Letters

Emily Burns, Faculty, Bisexual, Ally English

Nick Winges-Yanez, Student, Queer Social Work

Jessica Laux, Student, Ally Counselor Education

Ruth Chapin, Faculty Intensive English Language Program and PSU Writing Center

Stephen Priest, Student, Gay, Queer French, Women's Studies

Lauren Simon, Faculty, Ally Business

Suzanne Flores, Staff, Ally SALP

Student, Ally Inclusive Education Graduate, Student Winter 2011

Ashley Rose Guzman, Student, Bisexual Anthropology

Jill Cronk, Staff, Lesbian Campus Public Safety Office

Mitchell, Student, Gay English/Philosophy

Emily Hanson, Student, Queer, Ally Emily! Communication

Kim McKenna Community Member

Amy victor, Student, Lesbian International studies

Trisha Delgado, Student, Ally Supporter Health Sciences

Erica McConkey, Student, Lesbian Geology

Brian Turner, Student, Ally Environmental Science

Antoinette V., Student, Ally English

Bella Reid, Student, Ally Conflict Resolution

Susan Danielson, Faculty, Ally English

Sarah Watkins, Student, Staff, Ally Speech & Hearing Sciences ARR

Tim Ferrell, Student, Queer Arts Studies

Chelsea Whitney, Student, Bisexual, Queer MPH

Carri Mae, Student, Bisexual Social Science

Judd Curtis, Student, Ally Heterosexual Political Science

Raina Hassan, Student, Ally Counseling

Charlie Dunkin, Student, Transgender Psychology

Claire Everson, Student, Ally Community Development

Jared Rhea, Student, Alumni Leadership for Sustainability Education 2011

Ben Gift, Student, Bisexual Computer Science

Andrew Matia, Student, Gay, Questioning Biology

Patricia Byers, Student, Ally Psychology

Kaeli, Student, Bisexual Education

Sherri Murrell, Faculty, Lesbian Athletics

Stewart Van Cleve, Student, Gay Urban Studies (Grad, Student)

Kessina Lee, Student, Alumni, Ally MS, Biology

Carissa Shupp, Student, Alumni, Staff, Ally Friend, relative Liberal Studies CUPA computer labs 2011

Kirstina Imes, Alumni, Bisexual Criminal Justice 2011

Leia, Staff, Lesbian Front Desk Dental Services

Bob Liebman, Staff, Ally, Student Health and Counseling

Alexander LaVake, Student, Gay, Ally Public Health Education Masters

Jess Kreider, Student, Ally Speech-Language Pathology

Stephenie Jahnke, Alumni, Staff, Lesbian, Transsexual, Queer Conflict Resolution 1998 BA/2006MS in CR

Katie, Student, Ally Early Education

Karen Carpenter, Student, Bisexual MSW

Rebecca Gatlin, Student, Ally Japanese and German

Sandy Hess, Student, Lesbian Nursing

Michael Canan, Student, Gay, Queer Liberal Studies

Mike Turay, Staff, Gay Office of International Affairs 2000, 2010

Patrick McTiernan, Student, Gay Film

Sabrina McCoy, Student, Lesbian, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Ally Film

caite, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Lina Menard, Student, Ally Urban Planning

Nicholas Day, Student Chemistry

Sean Dinsmore, Student, Ally MEM

Noelle Richey, Student, Bisexual Pansexual Education

Ryan Stabler, Student, Staff Social Work graduate School of Education

Madeline, Student, Ally Mechanical Engineering

Paisly, Student, Ally Counselor Education

Cameron Mulder, Staff Survey Research Lab

Tammi Spencer, Student, Ally MSW

Tammi Spencer, Student, Ally MSW

Angela Bonilla, Student, Community Member, Ally Community Development

Tim Hagge, Faculty, Ally CAPS/SHAC

Katie Sinback, Alumni, Staff, Ally Theatre and Film 2004

Alex Laughnan, Student, Gay Computer Science

Dan Valles, Staff, Ally Enrollment Management &, Student Affairs

Angela Rodgers, Faculty, Ally CCF

Allison Stuart, Student, Ally MSW

Erik Hasenkopf, Student, Ally Biology 2012

Russell T. Jones, Staff, Ally Residence Life

Kaig, Student, Transgender, Queer MSW

Jonathan Uto, Staff, Gay Diversity and Multicultural, Student Services 2011 M.P.A.

elysia lindfield, Student, Lesbian SLP

Luke Robson, Student, Ally Sociology

Alison Bernard, Student, Lesbian Architecture

W. Tracy Dillon, Faculty English

Charles Deaton, Student, Gay Film

Dave Christensen, Student, Gay Electrical Engineering

Solay R. Freeman, Student, Staff, Ally straight Communication Studies University Housing & Residence Life and Campus REC

Brianna Winkler, Student Questioning, Queer, Ally Crime and Criminal Justice

Justina, Student, Ally Pre-Dental

Tiffany Mericle, Student, Ally Japanese

Austin Brown, Student, Ally

Jim Turner, Staff, Ally, Alumni Engagement

Lizzy Starke, Student, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Ally anthropology/Women's Studies

Devon Roulette, Student, Ally Speech & Hearing Sciences

Amy Doherty, Student, Ally Speech and Hearing Sciences

Lisa Yarbrough, Staff

Stephen V. Phan, Student, Ally Mechanical Engineers

Jarrod W Brockman, Student, Ally Statistics

Jill Winsor, Student, Queer Public Health/Social Work

Michelle Malkasian, Student, Queer Arabic & English

Monica Bautista, Alumni, Ally 2011

Lauren, Student Spanish

Ann Marie Lei, Faculty, Ally School of Business Administration

Joliet Schrengohst, Student Spanish

Annica Eagle, Student, Ally Arts and Letters

Jennie Keller, Student, Ally Chemistry

Adam Clark, Student, Ally Psychology

Brian Mills, Student, Gay

Sally McWilliams, Faculty, Lesbian, Queer Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Josh McBride, Student, Gay pre-Physical Therapy

Brian Jess McMinn, Student, Gay Business Administration

Cate Drinan, Faculty, Ally School of Social Work

Elizabeth Buscho, Student, Bisexual, Ally Political Science

Alysia Goodling, Student, Ally MEd

Andrew Epperson, Student, Gay Advertising Management

Benita Bellrichard Munson, Student, Ally Graduate Counseling

Manda Hatch, Student, Bisexual Social Work

Chelinda Weber, Student, Ally History

Jamaal Green, Student, Ally Urban Studies and Planning

Ceara Chewning, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Alison Hebert, Student, Bisexual Sociology

Laura Freeman, Student, Ally Masters Of Education

Jessie Zumbiel, Student, Ally Social Work

Erin Busby, Alumni, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer Masters of Social Work 2011

Katelyn Regan, Student, Ally Educational Leadership and Policy

Nicole Lapotin, Student MSW

Rose Sorfa, Student Pansexual Applied Linguistics/Spanish

Jessica Porter, Student, Ally English

courtney powers, Student, Bisexual, Ally psychology

Elise Ochs, Student, Ally Undecided

Jen Shupe, Student, Queer Masters of Social Work

Bryan Jacobs, Student, Ally International Studies

Malika Edden, Student, Ally Masters in Social Work

Mary Cronin, Student, Ally International Studies

Shevaun Boatright, Student, Bisexual History

Ian Stude, Staff Transportation & Parking Services

Talisman Saunders, Faculty, Ally ESL / Applied Linguistics

Joelle Kenney, Staff, Ally Campus Rec

Stephen Bruce Morgan, Student, Gay MSW

Jacob Pomerleau, Student, Gay Computer Engineering

Elizabeth Withers, Student, Ally Sociology

Tina Granger, Student, Ally Social Work

Dr. Melissa Lucash, Faculty, Ally Env. Sci. Man.

Robyn Reid, Student heterosexual Biology; Pre- med

Kayla, Student, Ally Biology

Mary Ellen Kenreich, Faculty, Lesbian Library

Mariah Schmidt, Student, Lesbian Geology

Cheyenne M, Student omnisexual Liberal Studies

Syd P., Student, Ally Psychology

Lucas Mulkey, Student, Bisexual Business

Erin August, Student, Ally Accounting

DeEtte Waleed, Faculty University Studies

Bruce Rash, Student, Gay Film

Hikaru Amethyst (Laura Lines, Student, Queer Arts & Letters

Alan Collins, Student, Ally Accounting

Shayla, Student, Ally History

Megan, Student, Ally Art Practices

Anna E Kirkpatrick, Student, Ally MSW

Erin Becker

Erin Becker, Student, Bisexual Psychology

LeAnna Nash, Student, Ally Masters in Book Publishing n/a n/a

Christopher Smith, Student, Gay Human Resource Mgmt

Carri Lynn Shook, Student, Queer Women's Studies

Sadie McCarthy, Student, Queer Arts & Letters

Laken Harrel, Student, Ally Psychology

Devon Vickrey, Student, Ally Real Estate Finance

Tana Atchley, Staff, Ally SALP

Allison Wilcox, Student, Ally English

Lindsay Yard, Student, Ally SPHR

Alexander Edwards Community Member, Transgender

Robyn, Student, Ally Theatre Arts

, Alumni, Faculty, Ally Intensive English Language program 2001

Heather Fairchild, Student, Bisexual Social Work

Ed Zaron, Faculty, Ally Civil and Environmental Engineering

Gabriel Guard, Student, Ally Arts and Letters

Tamara Dukes, Student, Bisexual Health studies

Jackie Balzer, Faculty, Lesbian Enrollment Management and, Student Affairs

Marissa Andrews, Student, Ally Social Work

Ida Jenkins, Student, Lesbian, Queer Masters in Social Work

Logan Desrochers, Student Transsexual Engineering

Jessica, Student, Ally Japanese

Dylan Sims, Student, Gay Accounting

Aaron Nelson, Student homo sapien English

Rey Gillet, Student, Queer English

Erin, Student, Ally Biology

rachel amedeo, Student, Bisexual social work grad

Mackenzie, Student, Ally International Studies

Tara J. Foley, Student, Queer post-bac Physician Assistant

Rebecca Bowen, Alumni, Ally Communication Studies 2011

Ryan Arch, Student, Ally Philosophy

Stephen Martin, Student, Gay Sociology

Brent Amburgey, Student, Ally M.A. Linguistics (TESOL)

Katie Lehde, Student, Queer Liberal Studies & Elementary Education

Callie Schupbach, Alumni, Ally 2011

Edward "Zack" Stoltzfus, Student, Ally History

Nikki, Student, Bisexual Communication

Katie Borofka, Student, Ally Masters of Public Health

Rebecca Brown, Student, Bisexual, Ally Double Major in Art Education and Elementary Education

Lauren Sundby, Student, Ally Social Work

Lorraine Kerwood, Student, Lesbian MSW

John Curtin, Student, Queer Arts & Letters

Kelly Ralph, Student, Ally Criminology

Margi Felix-Lund, Student, Ally MA: Applied Linguistics

Julie Mertes, Student, Ally Master in Social Work

Del Passwaters, Student Finance

Adam Faherty, Student, Gay Speech and Hearing Science

Del Passwaters, Student, Ally Finance

Nicole Sardella, Student, Queer Social Work

Lauren Stoner, Student, Ally Social work

Liam Bugelholl, Student, Queer Social Work

AJ McJunkins, Student, Bisexual, Ally Arts & Letters I don't work for PSU Haven't yet

Elaina Lecher, Student, Bisexual Masters in Social Work

Christi Herrera-Mills, Staff, Ally CDC

Jaymie Vandagriff, Student, Ally Psychology

Kelly L. Power, Student, Queer Anthropology

Heather Braaten, Student, Queer Speech and Hearing Science

Robin Davis, Student, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Ally Social Work

Robin Davis, Student, Ally Social Work

Robert Rouse, Student, Ally Masters of Social Work

Kristen Smith, Student, Bisexual Sociology and Human Geography

Anne Stone, Faculty, Ally Communication

Tasha Pacheco, Student hetero who doesn't judge others! We're all people! SPHR Graduate, Student

Kt Sharkey, Student, Ally Art History

Matt Chorpenning, Student, Ally Social Work

Meagan Selis, Student, Ally Secondary Education

Paula J. Stanovich, Ph.D., Faculty, Ally Special Education

Melinda Haines, Student, Queer Graphic Design

Paige Mackmer, Student, Ally Biology

Trevor Lee, Student Single Communications

Rachel Kelly, Student, Staff, Bisexual, Ally French AV

Whitney Jacobson, Student Theater, Communication

Aaron Slade, Student, Bisexual Criminology and Criminal Justice

Allison Higginbotham, Student, Ally Film

Tracey Florence, Student, Staff, Lesbian Physical Activity & Exercise/School Heath Campus Rec

Ada, Student, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer Liberal Studies/Gender Sexualities and, Queer Studies

Brian Parry, Student, Ally History

Mike Lambert, Student, Bisexual School Counseling

Ron Johnson, Alumni, Faculty School of Business Administration 2003

Sandy, Student, Bisexual Polyamorous ECE

Jennifer Justus, Student, Ally Sustainability

Leah Buehrig, Student, Ally MSW

Christine Cooper, Staff, Ally Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services 2010

Allie Feldman, Student, Queer MSW

Ryan, Student, Ally Liberal Studies

Jamie P. Ross, Faculty, Lesbian Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Elizabeth Couture, Student, Faculty, Ally French World Languages and Literatures

Kayla Stockdale, Student, Ally Political Science

Xan Pedisich, Student, Bisexual Applied Linguistics

Clare Hogan Speech and Hearing Sciences

Leslie W. Batchelder, Faculty, Queer University Studies and Women's Studies

Cindy Marino, Student Psychology

Jamie Jordan, Student undeclared

marti toussaint, Student straight psy

Diana Muñoz, Student, Lesbian Studio Practices

Heather Keel, Student, Ally Social Work

Rose Krivulka, Student, Lesbian, Queer English

David Hinkle, Student, Ally Non-degree

Morgan CAMpion, Student, Lesbian Social Science

Heather Philp, Student, Ally MSW

Abigail Brennan, Student, Bisexual Anthropology Freshman

Sunny Lithman, Student, Gay Androgynous Undecided

Jessica Forsythe, Student, Ally Psychology

Nicole Forsythe, Student, Ally Psychology

Kevin Vilbig, Student, Ally Community Development

Sharee Smith, Student Social Work

Motoaki (Moti) Hara, Faculty, Ally Educational Leadership and Policy (Graduate School of Education)

Heather Wiltsey, Student, Ally Community Health Education

Amanda Winterroth, Student, Bisexual, Ally Writing/Publishing

Erin Robling, Student, Ally Speech & Hearing Science

asuka, Student tourism

Nelle Edge, Student, Queer, Ally Undeclared

Talla Moyers, Student, Bisexual Undeclared

Natalie Mahan, Student, Ally Liberal Studies

Aaron Babst, Alumni, Gay 2011

Krista bartley, Student, Ally SPHR

Kate Cataldo, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Nichol Denison, Student, Ally Nutrition

Michele Toppe, Staff, Ally Dean of, Student Life

Kyla Tompkins, Student, Ally Sociology/Social Work

Shelley Gillespie, Student, Ally MSW

Nolan, Student, Gay Double Major in Human Resources and Management

Cerinda Survant, Student, Ally Anthropology

Janette Ruiz, Student, Ally Art history

Amanda Dostert, Student Child and Family Studies

Samantha Clark, Student Music

Jess Gibly, Student, Bisexual, Queer Social Sciences

Jesse S, Student, Alumni, Lesbian Post-Bac: Science 2005

Taylor Harn, Student, Lesbian Psychology

Haneen Kurd, Student Questioning Film

Michjeila, Student, Lesbian, Queer Art and Education

David Mittleman, Student, Gay Community Development

Frodo Okulam, Faculty, Lesbian Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Will Hutchings, Student, Gay Architecture

Kyla, Student, Ally African Studies

Tony Fernandes, Student, Ally Psychology

Olivia :D, Student, Ally Liberal Studies

Margo Russell, Student, Queer Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Theresa Merrion, Student Social Work

Steven Schwab, Student, Gay Applied Linguistics

Rhiannon Cates, Student, Queer Women's, Gender, Sexuality, &, Queer Studies

Henrik Lee, Student, Gay Chemistry

Heather Burdette, Student, Ally MSW

Joshua Gibson, Student, Gay Post-Bac Accounting

trip zabriskie, Student, Ally elementary edu

Simone Melhuish, Student, Lesbian Social Work

David McCarthy, Student, Gay Communication

Kerri Anderson-Linde, Alumni, Staff, Bisexual Counselor Education 2009

Jack Norton, Student, Ally English

Jay Yancey, Student, Gay Urban Studies and Planning

Juanita Lognion, Student heterosexual Speech and Hearing

Melba, Student, Queer Social Work

Bonnie Miksch, Faculty, Bisexual, Ally Music Department

Rachel Paczkowski, Student, Queer Social Work

Debbie Lee, Student, Ally Graphics Design

Polly Livingston, Faculty, Staff, Ally Disability resource Center

Brooke DeBlare, Student, Lesbian Geography

Melissa Luna, Alumni, Staff, Community Member, Queer HRC Spring 2011

Christina Charvat, Student civil engineering

Petewonson Petewon, Student, Ally Anthropology

M., Gayl Bowser, Faculty, Lesbian Special Education

Katelyn Lewis, Student, Bisexual Theater Arts

peter brady, Student, Gay accounting

Heather Poehler, Staff, Ally SHAC

Susan Klees, Student, Staff, Ally Education OAA

Meg Panichelli, Student, Queer Ph.D. is Social Work and Social Research

Geoff Lewis, Student, Gay Applied Linguistics

Sara Jade Webb, Faculty, Queer Graduate School of Social Work

Jennifer Barr Lauer, Student, Lesbian English

Joe Karasek, Student, Ally MEM

Daniel R. Miller, Student, Gay Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy

Annaliza Sapico, Student, Lesbian GenderQueer Micro/Molecular Biology

Katie Cagle, Student, Alumni, Staff, Bisexual, Student Affairs 2006

Tom Bielavitz, Faculty, Ally Library

Kimber Christiansen, Student, Ally Post Bac

Rhiannon Y Orizaga, Student, Bisexual history, graduate studies

Jessica Adams, Student, Ally Biology

Sarah Freed, Student, Ally Environmental Science

Ryan McLaughlin, Student, Ally Psychology

Lisa Ernst, Student, Lesbian Psychology

dana weaver, Student, Ally sociology

Ursina Teuscher, Faculty, Ally Psychology

Robyn Draheim, Faculty ESM

Molly McDonald, Student, Ally Theatre Design

Evan Kuhlmann, Faculty Music

Lindzay Irving, Student, Ally Mechanical Engineering

Dan Fortmiller, Staff, Ally Enrollment Management &, Student Affairs

Anissa Naslund, Student Physics

Alexis Monroe, Student, Ally Biology

Lillian Kruzen, Student, Ally Speech and Hearing Science

Monica Priebe, Faculty, Ally Env. Sci and Management

Elizabeth Clark unconfirmed for now

Patrice Mays, Student, Alumni, Queer MOM ED. Leadership and Policy 2011

Cailey Moe, Student MA-TESOL

Kristin Ploog, Student Straight Political Science

nikki williams, Student, Ally criminal justice

Laura Herburger, Student Asexual Computer Science

Shaney Broome, Student, Lesbian, Gay, Queer BSW

Susan Mintz, Student, Ally History

Kira Lesley, Student History

Eric Voyles, Student, Gay Graphic Design

Mary Ann Barham, Faculty, Ally Advising & Career Services

Ryan Berkebile, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Bobby, Student, Gay Communication

Steve White, Alumni, Staff, Ally Campus Rec 2008

Pascale Nys, Student, Alumni, Lesbian Philosophy 2010

Sara Murphy, Student, Ally Anthropology

Miro Paljevic, Student, Gay Sociology

Jessica Schmidt, Student, Queer social work

Skye Mazur, Student, Lesbian, Queer Political Science

Megan Tiede, Ally College of Urban and Public Affairs

Abby Turner, Student, Queer Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Sara Barlow, Student Heterosexual PACE

Jordan Molnar, Student, Bisexual English and Anthropology

lacey heath, Student, Queer counseling (postbac/master's applicant)

Monty Herron, Student, Staff, Community Member, Gay Liberal Studies The Spectator, Rearguard

Danielle Haro, Student, Ally History

Scotti Warren, Student Social Work and Public Health

Mark V Schwier, Staff, Gay Social Work

Megan Scheminske, Student, Ally counseling

Kelsey Stark, Alumni, Ally 2011

John Wilkins, Student, Ally

Steven Johnson, Student, Ally Finance

Constance Kim-Gervey, Faculty Heterosexual Psychology

Del Quest, Student, Queer social work

Debra Kester, Student, Lesbian Social Work MSW Program

Charlotte, Student, Bisexual Microbiology

Daniel Pearson, Student, Faculty, Bisexual History History

Sean Sullivan, Student, Ally Comp Sci

Cole Linhart, Student, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Ally Pansexual Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Natalie Potts, Student, Ally Straight Leaning Social Science

Michele Miller, Staff, Ally Intensive English Language Program

Allison Iwata, Student, Ally Sociology

Gillian Murr, Alumni 2011

Abigail Rincon, Student, Ally

Meghan Crane, Student, Ally Masters of Public Health

kristie stahl, Student, Bisexual, Ally english

Erin Tafuri, Student, Bisexual, Questioning, Queer, Ally Psychology Conferences & Events

Debra Clemans, Alumni, Faculty, Ally International Affairs 1993, 1995

Jillian, Student, Queer Spanish and Social Sciences

Christopher, Student, Gay, Queer MSW

D. Shewbridge, Student, Ally criminal justice

Madeline Browning, Student, Bisexual, Queer Genderfluid Anthropology

Dan Stephens, Student, Ally Education

Eboni Frederick-Pettway, Student, Bisexual, Ally International Studies/Community Health

Karla Farley, Student, Ally Pansexual Geology

Darcy Kramer, Alumni, Staff, Ally Disability Resource Center 2007

Elizabeth Neal, Student, Ally Art History

Yingying Chai, Student, Lesbian Business 2013

Nick Bernier, Student, Gay Social Science

kanani martinez, Staff Admissions

Natalie Pruett, Student, Ally applied linguistics

Melanie Baker, Alumni, Lesbian Arts & Letters 2011

Carine, Student

Marissa Lampert, Student, Ally Liberal Studies

Shanti Witchinghour, Student, Ally anarcho-feminist! Women's Studies

Terra Van Ness, Student Art History

Rachel Stuck, Student, Ally GTEP

Erica LeBeau, Student, Queer Social Work

Jean Payton, Student, Lesbian Community Development

Megan Roache, Student, Lesbian Sociology

Rebecca Tyree, Student, Lesbian Undeclared

Amanda Winkler, Student, Queer Special Education

mitch, Student, Ally music/mathematics

Leslie Blanchard, Student, Bisexual Sustainability Education

Gabe Feit, Student, Ally Human Social sciences

Megan Candrian, Student, Lesbian, Queer Conflict Resolution

Zachary Colmenero, Student, Ally Child and Family Study

Michael Klaas, Student, Gay Earth science

Katherine Marshall, Student, Queer Literature

Alice Wilson, Student, Bisexual, Questioning, Ally English

Margaret Raines, Student, Ally Business Management

Ryan DAvid Thomas, Student, Staff, Queer, Ally Anthropology Office Of Information Technology

Brooks Fuentes, Student, Ally Graphic Design

Sara Ashmore, Student, Ally Social Work

Nick Milhauser, Student, Gay Film

Amber Johnston, Student, Lesbian Business

Greg, Student, Gay Special Education

Michelle MacGregor, Student, Alumni, Ally Special Education

Ken Park, Student, Ally Straight but not narrow Film

Brooke Franklin, Student, Bisexual Business

Andrea Rodriguez, Student, Queer MSW

Betsy Gillard, Student, Ally Civil Engineering

Kristina Freeman-Keever, Student, Queer Androgynous Women's Studies

Hikari, Student, Ally Women Studies

Jasmina Dizdarevic, Student, Ally Organismal biology/English

Shelby Anderson, Faculty, Ally Anthropology

Kristin Bassett, Student, Ally Curriculum and Instruction

Margie Young, Student, Ally psychology

Linda Henderson, Student, Lesbian Master of Social Work

San SunOwen, Student, Queer MPA n/a n/a

Charlotte Meuwissen, Student, Ally Education

Kenny McElroy, Staff Questioning, Queer, Ally OIT

molly swanson, Student, Ally Env. Studies/Spanish

Kyla Merced, Student, Ally Person! Speech and Hearing Sciences

Stan Sitnick, Faculty Conflict Resolution Graduate Program

Trisha, Student Pansexual Social Sciences

Lynn Emmons, Student, Ally MSW

Danielle Richmond, Student, Ally Civil Engineering

Mackenna Mastrud, Student, Staff, Ally Pansexual Pre-Occupational Therapy Campus Rec

Lynn Clark, Staff, Lesbian, Student Legal Services

Risa, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Pam Lunsford, Student, Ally Social Work

Jules, Student, Lesbian art

Jules, Student, Lesbian art

Desirae Robbins, Faculty Speech and Hearing Sciences

Mark McIntire, Student, Ally Masters of Education

Miranda Pace, Student, Ally Speech and Language Pathology

Josh Phillips, Student, Gay Business Management and Human Resources

Iris Hodge, Student, Ally Women's Studies

Jennifer Hougham, Student, Bisexual, Ally Sociology

Laura Moss, Student, Ally PolySci/Sustainability

Shelby Davidson, Student, Ally Social Work

Christine Sislak, Student, Ally Biology

kayla bryson, Student, Ally liberal studies

Mike Dollowitch, Student, Gay Finance

Hailey Wooldridge, Student Women's Studies

Stephanie Steiert, Student, Staff, Ally International Studies University Studies Mentor, Orientation Team

Sharon Martins, Student, Lesbian Sociology

Kate Ginsburg, Alumni, Staff, Ally Criminology and Criminal Justice 2010

Brianna Bragg, Student, Lesbian Child & Family Services

Anna Rockhill, Faculty, Ally GSSW

Stefanie Long, Alumni, Ally 2007

Clea McDow, Student, Ally MPA:HA

Conor Quille, Student, Ally Film

Brian Federico, Staff, Gay CLAS Development

Ryan Sanford, Student, Queer English

Yves Labissiere, Faculty, Ally University Studies / School of Community Health

Susan Reese, Faculty, Ally English 1993

Mary Ann Dougherty, Student MFA

Bridget Bassett, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Jessica Roesch, Student, Ally Psychology

Donald Hice, Student, Gay Social Work

Michael Tanner Community Member, Ally 2011

Nick Toda, Ally Sociology

Jessie Higgins, Student, Ally MSW

Shelia Stigall, Student Questioning, Ally Social Work

Samantha Hughes, Student, Queer Music

Mark Berrettini, Faculty, Ally Theatre and Film

Gage Myers, Student, Gay Dude that likes dudes Anthropology

Francesca Dodson, Student, Ally Masters in counseling

Pam Daniel, Student, Lesbian Social Work

Sue Taylor, Faculty, Ally art

James Powell, Student, Ally physics

Caitlin Keitel, Student, Queer Social Work

Chelsea Riedy, Student, Bisexual, Queer Psychology

Stephanie Finnegan, Student, Ally Anthropology

Chaylee Brown, Student, Ally Graphic Design

Mariah Leewright, Student, Queer Theater Arts

Jax McFarland, Student, Gay Business

Talia, Student, Bisexual Child and family Studies

Jackie Vitron, Student, Ally Philosophy and Political Science

Keith Nevison, Student ESM

Bonnie Lords, Student Masters of Social Work

Jazz, Student, Bisexual Drawing/painting/printmaking

Daniel Hernandez, Student, Staff, Gay Human Resources

Vicki Lynn Wilson, Alumni, Faculty Art Department 2005

Jessica Weidman, Student, Bisexual Criminal Justice

Matt Urban, Student Straight Music Education

Timothy Calderwood, Student, Ally ETM

Kait Lewis, Student, Bisexual Psychology

Cammie Hering, Faculty, Lesbian Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Brittany Moering, Student, Ally Social Work, MSW

Jess Mease, Student, Queer Social Work

Haydenn James Harper, Student, Gay Liberal Studies

Beth Olson, Student, Queer Graphic Design

Chase McPeak, Student, Gay MFA Creative Writing

Chase McPeak, Student, Gay MFA Creative Writing

Fiona Gladstone, Student, Ally Geography

Adam Lutzow, Staff, Gay Admissions Registration & Records

Simon Barton, Student Physics

Wendy Shanel Behrend, Student, Bisexual Film / Arts & Letters

Miranda Faulhaber, Student, Ally Criminology and Criminal Justice

Gabrielle Goldsby, Staff, Lesbian

Cindy, Student, Lesbian Social Science

Debi Elliott, Faculty, Ally Social Work

Erika Dysert, Student, Ally French

John Roop, Student, Gay Poly Sci/Music

Jack McCollister, Student, Ally Civil Engineering

Stephanie Overbey, Student, Ally Social Sciences

Kris Gibbs, Student Electrical Engineering

Lisa Hunt, Student Art History

vickie huston, Student, Lesbian english

Amanda, Student, Ally Accounting

Angela Leonardo, Student, Ally Liberal Studies

Michael McGregor, Faculty English

David Bouse, Student Supporter of Freedom of Sexual Orientation Electrical Engineering

David Roth, Student, Ally Environmental Studies

Jessica, Student, Ally Biology

Tyrel Mortenson, Student, Gay Science

Britton, Student, Ally Film

Colleen Loboy, Student, Ally MA TESOL

Ember Dahl, Student, Ally Japanese

Barak Goodman, Student International studies

Sarah Milliron, Student, Ally Maybe communications

Shannon Creel, Student, Lesbian Fine Art

Sam Ryan, Student, Gay, Queer Fine Arts

Rachel Elliott, Staff, Bisexual Regional Research Institute/Survey Research Lab

Christina Tigner, Student, Bisexual Public Administration

Melissa "mel" Hofmann, Student, Lesbian Graphic Design

Katie Dunford, Student Speech and Hearing Sciences

Rebecca Fessenden, Student, Ally History

Kiandra Cole, Student, Ally Biology

Keegan Lucas, Student, Gay Community Development

Muriyah, Student, Bisexual International Development Studies

Lisa Lavelle, Faculty, Ally School of Education

Joseph Edge, Student, Ally Public Administration

Steve Martino, Student, Gay Accounting

Lindsay Christensen, Student, Ally Biology

Marjorie McGee, Student, Faculty, Lesbian Social Work Social Work

Kaela, Student, Ally Theatre Arts

Austin Miller, Alumni, Gay History 2011

Liz!, Student, Ally Biology

Jonathon Hicke, Student, Bisexual, Questioning Accounting

Cristina Restad, Student, Ally Sociology

Amy Keo, Student, Lesbian Women's Studies and Art History

Chris Glidden, Staff CLAS

Nick Schulack, Student, Ally Biology

Melissa Leonard, Faculty College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center

Kari Smit, Staff, Bisexual Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Amanda Jarman, Staff University Advancement

Chau Hoang Fossen, Faculty, Staff, Ally Library

Kevin Booher, Student Straight/Supporter Physical Activity/Exercise

Christopher Bowker, Student, Gay Civil Engineering

Ben Anderson-Nathe, Faculty, Queer Child & Family Studies

Meredith Baker, Student, Lesbian Social Work

Todd Ahseln, Student, Ally English

Anna Rigles, Student, Lesbian Poly History/Women's Studies

Michael Demaio, Student, Gay Arts and Letters

Stephen Coffin, Student, Ally English

Hyuny Clark-Shim, Student, Queer, Ally Psychology

Samuel ireland, Student MBA

Wendy Maurer, Student, Ally Social Work

Carol Munro, Student, Ally International Studies

Alexandra Johnson, Student, Ally Health Sciences N/A N/A

Samantha Auchenpaugh, Student, Ally Book Publishing

Harley Hauer, Student, Gay Computer Science

Carol Gabrielli, Staff, Lesbian OAA & HR

Katie Hunter, Student me Community Development

Karen Haley, Faculty, Ally Educational Leadership & Policy

george tinker, Faculty, Ally heterosexual psychology

Jesse G., Student, Queer Geography

Ayla Terry-Mitchell, Student, Ally MSW

Vicky López Sánchez, Student, Alumni, Staff Human MA Ed DMSS 1997

Kathryn Kirkland, Staff, Ally University Communications

Linda Nguyen, Student, Ally Human Resource

Christina Bargel, Student, Bisexual Latin America studies

Phoenix Singer, Student, Ally Political Science/Sociology

Rachael Haigh, Student, Ally Art History

Angie Hartlove, Student, Ally Mathematics

Kacie Dart, Student, Ally Communication/Community Health

Marcy Hunt-Morse, Staff, Ally

Nicole Nevan, Student, Ally Pansexual Psychology

Thomas Crombie, Student, Transgender, Queer Public Health

Faye Rivera Community Member, Lesbian, Transgender

Adrienne, Student, Staff, Lesbian Accounting Facilities

Ashley Olson, Student, Lesbian Social Science

Jeni Andersen Community Member, Lesbian

Dani Padilla, Student, Ally Chemistry

Lacey Moore, Student Health Sciences

Marisela Nyoka, Student, Alumni, Ally Linguistics 1996

Kristine Nguyen, Student, Ally Biology

Molly Gray, Faculty, Queer University Studies

Peyton Ross, Student, Ally Psychology

Gloria Robayo Trujillo, Student, Ally Applied Linguistics

Jessica Harrison, Student Psychology

Charise, Student, Lesbian Criminal Justice

Laura Kurtz, Student, Ally Education

Shawn McMannis, Staff, Ally Degree Requirements

Lexa Walsh, Student, Ally Art

Heather D., Student, Ally SPHR

Andy McMillin, Faculty, Ally SPHR

Shannon dooley, Student, Queer

Allie Troy, Student Accounting

Scott Rhodes, Student, Gay, Questioning Sociology

Scott Schmitz, Alumni, Gay Community Health 2011

Kiera Hansen, Student, Queer Graduate, Student: Social Work

Kathy Hardie-Williams, Student Heterosexual Curriculum and Instruction June 2010 (with a Masters in Counseling)

Jake Trudell, Student, Ally Graphic Design + Advertising

Ella Tabares, Staff, Ally Advising and Career Services

Cara Lee, Student Training and Development Certificate

Lynda Norton, Student, Lesbian Community Development

Kristina Hankamp, Student, Ally Psychology

Bertha Marin, Student, Ally Art and Social Practice

Charles Moor, Student, Ally Philosophy

Rebecca Garrett, Student, Ally Accounting