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Professor Geoffrey Duh
Professor Geoffrey Duh

In Professor Duh's classroom learning is a matter of collaborative problem solving.

Professor Geoffrey Duh (pronounced Dew) focuses his teaching on the theory and applications of geospatial technologies and analyses. His courses include introductory and advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and digital image analysis, GIS database design, and digital terrain analysis. The majority of his courses are within the curriculum of the Graduate GIS Certificate Program at PSU.

Professor Duh is an active member in the Columbia River Region American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and he has close relationship with local GIS professionals.

In his research, Professor Duh concentrates on developing theory and applications of GIS and remote sensing techniques in geographic education and interdisciplinary geographic analysis. Specific projects focus on developing geovisualization tools and applying spatial simulation and optimization techniques to study land-use and land-cover change and its interaction with the natural environment.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Professor Duh received his BS and MS in geography from the National Taiwan University, after which he came to the United States to continue his studies at Michigan State University and then the University of Michigan where he received his Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environment in 2004.

Duh has always considered himself to be a geographer. His Chinese name is Jiunn-Der Duh. When people ask him how he came to choose Geoffrey as his English given name he smiles and then replies, "Because it begins with 'Geo', which means earth." In fact his last name, Duh, combines the Chinese characters for tree and soil. It is no wonder that Professor Duh and his three siblings all chose careers that relate to the environment.

Professor Duh believes that his teaching style and his regard for his students derives from his own student background where he credits his own success from feeling respected by his teachers. He in turn does not judge students on their past academic performance but rather respects and encourages them in the present. He believes that anyone can achieve extraordinary things given the right time and place. In other words, every student is capable of exceeding his or her own expectations.

In the classroom Duh's teaching style is one of collaborative problem solving. Working together, teacher and student can engage in a process of "self learning" where together they find the path to an answer. In the end, Professor Duh believes that this form of learning leads to greater success than merely taking notes in lectures or doing canned computer labs.

Name: Geoffrey Duh
Title: Associate Professor
office: CH 424J
phone: 503-725-3159
fax: 503-725-3166