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Meet Professor Aaron Golub
Meet Professor Aaron Golub

Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

Making transportation planning more inclusive and its outcomes more fair

PhD, Civil Engineering, University of California - Berkeley, 2003
MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996
BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1994


  • Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
  • Director, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning
Urban transportation planning, policy, finance, environmental justice, public transportation, sustainability, bicycle transportation, social change, Fordism

  • USP535 Planning Methods II
  • USP583 Transportation Finance
  • USP510 Transit Planning
  • USP456/556 Urban Transportation: Problems and Policies
Welfare Analysis of Informal Transit Services in Brazil and the Effects of Regulation (2003)

Office: Urban Center, Room 350 A
Phone: 503-725-4069

Dr. Golub is an associate professor in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University (PSU), moving to PSU after eight years at Arizona State University and ten years studying and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work focuses on the social contexts of urban transportation systems, explored in three ways: 1. the effects on social equity of current transportation planning practices – how people participate in planning, and who wins and loses from transportation plans, 2. planning, research and advocacy in support of alternatives to the automobile (especially public transportation and bicycles), and 3. the historical roots of automobile dependence in the United States. At PSU, Dr. Golub teaches courses on urban transportation policy, planning research methods, transportation finance and public transportation.

What Professor Golub has to say...

WHAT STUDENTS SHOULD TAKE AWAY: With undergraduates I stress critical thinking: studying history, uncovering assumptions, empathizing with others’ views, appreciating the quality of information, and imagining a future unconstrained by the past. These form essential components of transformative approaches to urban planning. Work with graduate students is more geared towards specific skills, the literature, original research, and key debates in the field, while also emphasizing critical thinking and transformative approaches. 

FAVORITE URBAN PLACES: I am a bit of a bus fanatic - they are the backbone of public transit systems in nearly every city on the planet - even in places known for major rail systems. (Worldwide, buses carry more than 2 billion person trips per day, compared to fewer than 200 million rail trips.) I love to see how buses support the life of a city. 

FAVORITE NON-URBAN PLACES: I love multi-day backpacking, so any trail (with some water access..) is a great place to me!