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Jacklyn Kohon, PhD (Alumna)
Jacklyn Kohon, PhD (Alumna)


Dr. Kohon is a PSU graduate (PhD in Urban Studies, 2015) and Assistant Professor of Urban Sociology in the Global Studies program at Akita International University in Akita, Japan.


Dr. Kohon is a PSU graduate (PhD in Urban Studies, 2015).


Supportive housing and service integration for vulnerable populations; affordable intergenerational housing; innovative models of affordable senior housing; Japan's aging society; social justice; urban health; health disparities; qualitative and visual research methods; community development; sustainability planning; and the impacts of climate change on older adults and marginalized populations.


Dr. Kohon's research focuses on issues concerning community development and social change, within the context of depopulation of smaller cities and regions throughout Japan, particularly related to the various aspects of sustainability of these localities and the challenges of planning in a rapidly aging society. She hopes to do some international comparative work on these topics, as well. Dr. Kohon teaches courses related to urban sociology, development and social change, and sociology of health.

Before accepting her tenure-track position at Akita International University in Japan, Dr. Kohon worked with Dr. Paula Carder as Project Manager on the Oregon Community-Based Care Research Project, a two-year longitudinal survey of assisted living, residential care, memory care, and adult foster care communities throughout the state. Annual summary reports of this project will be prepared for the Oregon state legislature to inform policy and funding priorities for long-term care.

Prior research has been with Dr. Paula Carder and Jenny Weinstein, MSW, MURP, on several studies focused on planning for the housing and supportive service needs of older adults living in subsidized housing. As part of the Housing Matters project team, she has conducted interviews, focus groups, qualitative analyses, and spatial analyses on the first-hand experiences of those who are "living on the margins," policies and programs that affect vulnerable populations, and sustainable and practical responses to population aging on a local level.

Selected publications

  • Carder, P.C., Luhr, G., & Kohon, J. (2016). Differential health and social needs of older adults waitlisted for public housing or housing choice vouchers. Journal of Aging & Social Policy, 28(4), 246-260.
  • Kohon, J. and Carder, P. (2014). Exploring identity and aging: Auto-photography and narratives of older adults living in subsidized housing. Journal of Aging Studies, 30, 47-55.
  • Carder, P.C., Weinstein, J., & Kohon, J. (2012). The Health and Housing Specialist: An Emerging Job Classification to Support Aging in Place in Subsidized Housing. Northwest Health Foundation.
  • Carder, P.C., Weinstein, J., & Kohon, J. (2011). Home Forward’s Aging in Place Initiative: Planning for Current and Future Residents. Home Forward (Housing Authority of Portland).