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Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation
Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation

A new and exciting program is emerging...

The Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation is a cross-university and cross-disciplinary program aimed at advancing bicycle and pedestrian transportation as mainstays of Oregon's state, regional and local transportation systems. By mobilizing partnerships across various sectors, interests and institutions, the Initiative will strive to produce outcomes that are comprehensive and innovative in their approach.

This includes: research that is relevant to practitioners, policy-makers and communities; the translation of that research into a user-friendly and accessible language; and university and continuing education opportunities that foster a new generation of transportation professionals-professionals who are more holistic and "context sensitive" in their approach to bicycles and pedestrians.

With new seed money from OTREC-the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium-and Portland State University, the Initiative is ready to get started on two of its core activities: the creation of new summer professional development opportunities; and the generation and dissemination of research that responds to the demands of practice and industry. Stay tuned as these areas develop and please let us know if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions.

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