Geography encyclopedia wins prestigious award
Author: John Kirkland, PSU Media and Public Relations
Posted: February 23, 2018

“The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology,” a 15-volume work of which Portland State University professor Heejun Chang was a co-author, has been awarded a prestigious CHOICE award from the Association of College and Research Libraries The award is for Outstanding Academic Title 2017.

Chang, professor of geography, was the sole author of two articles in the encyclopedia, one on water and climate change, and the other on water conservation.

The encyclopedia, published by AAG-Wiley, has been called the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work in geography, and will be updated annually. It’s the result of six years of work “which resulted in building a collaborative international community of leading geography scholars and researchers who served as editors and authors, and with the international geographical societies and associations with whom the AAG interacted throughout its creation,” said editor-in-chief Douglas Richardson.

The encyclopedia is written for a graduate student audience, but also in a style accessible to undergraduates and the educated public.

The Outstanding Title Award is determined by criteria including the importance of the work within the field, the value of the work for students, originality and overall excellence in presentation and scholarship.