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Statement from Executive Committee

Greetings from the Executive Committee of the SGRN!

We want to welcome you to our newly designed website.  This will be one of the primary methods we’ll use to keep the PSU and off-campus communities current of the latest information at the School of Gender, Race and Nations at PSU.  

SGRN is interdisciplinary at its core. The overarching areas evident in the school's name feature the rich constellation of interlocking and challenging factors key to understanding our society and making changes for a more socially just future. Our goal is to create a space for excellence in studies and research of culture, race, ethnicity, sovereignty, nation, migration, class, gender and sexuality. We invite you to join the SGRN community as we launch new courses and graduate programs of study; host nationally recognized academics and activists; develop innovative collaborations; and strengthen community-based activism, academic exchanges and scholarship.  

In solidarity,

Kofi Agorsah, Sally McWilliams& Cornel Pewewardy

Archived language from first "About Us" page:

The School of Gender, Race and Nations (SGRN) completed its three-year pilot phase (AY12-14). Our action plan for the SGRN was designed for us to work on several fronts simultaneously:

  • Create and offer new undergraduate course offerings;
  • Build a graduate certificate program (curriculum development);
  • Develop best possible SGRN governance structure via site visits and/or external consultants;
  • Establish a working Executive Committee for the SGRN Initiative to oversee curriculum, personnel, and extracurricular and research activities for the four units; and
  • With support from the CLAS Dean's Office, develop a sustainable budget for the establishment the School of Gender, Race, and Nations.

The SGRN was approved by the PSU Faculty Senate and Office Academic Affairs in February 2015.

  • We will launch the SGRN graduate certificate Fall 2015; and
  • We will continue to offer the team-taught undergraduate course once each academic year.

As the school is established, we plan to expand our efforts to:

  • Develop faculty research groups to expand collaborative research and grant activities; 
  • Reach out to other PSU faculty to join our work;
  • Develop faculty hiring initiative in collaboration with the Dean of CLAS;
  • Offer SGRN Summer Institute on social justice; and
  • Network with regional and national organizations on topics related to our mission.


Together these actions lay the groundwork for the tangible development of SGRN and the formal establishment of the graduate program and research center.