Gender, Race, and Nations Graduate Certificate

Application Deadlines:


Winter Admission: November 1st
Spring Admission: February 1st
Summer Admission: May 1st
Fall Admission: July 1st

The Graduate Certificate in Gender, Race and Nations serves the needs of an array of professionals including policymakers, educators, urban planners, counselors, lawyers, civic leaders, and others whose careers can benefit by pursuing coursework on race, immigration, gender, sexuality, nationality, Indigeneity, identity, power, intersectionality, and social justice. Professionals in these fields are often faced with addressing the effects of inequality, disparities, historical trauma and marginalization among the populations they serve. The SGRN Graduate Certificate Program provides knowledge and skills to better serve their target populations; meet job-related requirements; and acquire the added professional assets associated with job mobility and professional advancement into positions of increasing management and responsibility. Given the activist, scholarly, and applied focus of the school, we expect that the certificate will attract students to the School of Gender, Race, and Nations (SGRN) and prepare them for further theoretical graduate studies, professional work, community activism, and/or civic engagement. To apply, visit:

Certificate Requirements

  • 2 required courses = 8 credits
  • Electives = 16 credits

Core Courses (8 credits)

  • GRN 515: The Constructions of Power and Knowledge 
  • GRN 520: Critical Methodologies  

Course descriptions and electives

Certificate Objectives

The overall focus of the certificate is to address a number of pressing concerns confronting students in the 21st Century. The GRN certificate will enable students to:

  • Promote innovative and nontraditional epistemological and methodological approaches to learning that are consistent with the communities served by some of the students;
  • Expand critical analytical frameworks of race, gender, and nations to better illuminate the interconnected and complex issues of today's society;
  • Engage in community-based research projects that incorporate Portland’s growing diversity; and
  • Develop collaborative leadership skills that better address diversity and equity initiatives.

The SGRN graduate certificate will serve students who would like to pursue further graduate interdisciplinary studies in our intersectional areas of research as well as students who would like a terminal professional degree related to the areas indicated in the above objectives. These will most likely be recent graduates seeking to pursue further work in the intersectionality represented by the School as a whole and/or current graduate students who would like to deepen their knowledge and add to their professional vitae by this additional graduate certificate, and/or professionals who would like to complement their knowledge-base in their own professions with a contemporary understanding of the academic studies of gender, race, and nation.