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SGRN 2016-17 Courses

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

GRN 515: Constructions of Power and Knowledge: Gender, Race and Nation (This course is the equivalent of BST/WS 515). 

Open to ALL PSU Graduate Students

Instructor: Cornel Pewewardy

Meeting Time: Wednesday 5:30-9:10 p.m., NACSS

This inter-disciplinary graduate seminar seeks to identify and critically analyze how the concepts of gender, race, culture, class, sexuality and nation are invested with power, forms of inequality and creative potential.  We will examine the politics of the production of knowledge by focusing on the post-colonial theories of relationships between the colonized, colonizer, and the exotic.  We bring this theorizing into conversation with contemporary thinking around intersecting identities, systems of oppression and modes of resistance.  

This course will be accepted by BST, CHLA, and INST

Winter 2017 Course Offerings

Critical Methodologies: GRN 510  (2nd of 2nd required GRN Certificate courses.  This course is open to all graduate students).  

Instructor: Miriam Abelson

Meeting Time: Tuesday 5:30-9:10 p.m., PKM 101

This interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and cross-disciplinary graduate course will provide an overview of critical and decolonizing research methodologies focused on relations of race, gender, nations and sexuality, with attention to other dimensions of difference and power.  Using an intersectional framework, we will critique mainstream social science and humanistic research from decolonizing and post-colonial, feminist, anti-racist, queer and other critical perspectives. We will examine how methods are utilized for research in each of the disciplines represented by the School of Gender, Race and Nations.  Students will gain hands-on practice using a range of research methods to generate knowledge about social relations and injustice.  Emphasis will be on methodologies that come from marginalized people and novel approaches to the practice of research as an avenue for social justice.  

Spring 2017 Course Offerings

GRN 510 Seminar: Social Justice Pedagogy

Instructor: Sally Eck

Meeting time: Monday 5:30-9:10 p.m., PKM 101

We will learn about contemporary radical pedagogical theories and practices as we analyze, experience and develop our own social justice pedagogy. We will understand injustice and inequity in the classroom through an exploration of radical theories of education and co-create practical strategies with the intention to build toward social transformation.

Course objectives: 

  • Understand oppression in education 
  • Explore the effects of oppression in education in our own lives
  • Analyze theories of social justice and radical pedagogy
  • Investigate links among multiple social identities and intersectionality in educational settings
  • Explore economic and political influence on maintaining power difference in education
  • Gain experiential practice in addressing results of institutional and interpersonal inequities
  • Analyze binary systems and constructs (teacher/learner, head/heart, expert/novice, active/passive, and more) to shift understanding and possiblize binary disruptions
  • Understand and build consciousness around the power of language in the classroom
  • Co-create strategies for critical resistance in education
  • Create a personal commitment strategy and mission as a practitioner of social justice pedagogy