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Who visits? What do they study?

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Sydney, AU Mayoral Delegation

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and staff visited Portland to learn about Portland’s Climate Action Plan, the Bike 2030 plan, and efforts to advance sustainability in the urban environment. In addition to meeting with Portland Mayor Sam Adams, they visited with staff at the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, toured Portland's bike infrastructure, visited historic and new transit-oriented neighborhoods like Mississipi Avenue and the Pearl District. At the end of their stay, Lord Mayor Moore shared Sydney's bike plan with local bicycle planners, policy makers and advocates.

Geo Magazine; Paris, France

French senior reporter Nathalie Villard, based in Paris writing for GEO magazine (published by the German media group, Bertelsman Inc.), visited Portland to research an in-depth, photo intensive feature on Portland as America’s “greenest” city. She toured the city, meeting with key people invested in sustainable urban development and city planning. She explored many aspects of Portland's green story, from the history of parks and greenspaces, smart growth policies and best practices, transit oriented development, neighborhood revitalization, grassroots activism, secure food systems, artisan economy, bicycle infrastructure and culture, and much, much more.

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

The mission of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The OECD provides a forum in which governments can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. OECD works with governments to understand what drives economic, social and environmental change. OECD sent a 5-person delegation to Portland to study the city as part of a five city global case study of compact cities and smart growth. The delegation met with leaders overseeing Portland's compact growth policies and strategies. They learned about Portland’s governance models, discussed measures of Portland’s spatial characteristics (urban density, land use, public transportation, etc.), and evaluated how those characteristics affect livability, carbon emissions’ reduction, economic health, and global competitiveness.



Waco,Texas  Chamber of Commerce, Elected Officials, and City Planners

For three days, FSP hosted a 20-member delegation from Waco, Texas comprised of Chamber of Commerce officials, elected officials, and private developers.  The delegation came to learn about how Portland's transit-oriented development helped revitalize the Pearl District and South Waterfront neighborhood over the past decade.  While in town, the delegates were also treated to a bike tour of the city, guided by ALTA Planning and Design.  The growth management and new urbanist features provided by Portland's focus on 20-Minute neighborhoods has influenced Waco's own revitalization plan for its inner downtown area, Imagine Waco, which was unveiled to a warm reception by Waco civic and business leaders at the end of August.

Puerto Rico, Universidad Metropolitana

For ten days in April, 2010, FSP hosted Universidad Metropolitana from San Juan, Puerto Rico. They came to learn about sustainable urban infrastrcutre, transit options & policy, reducing carbon footprint in urban centers, municipal climate action plans, sustainable land use, affordable housing, recycling, urban agriculture, and regional governance. Their Study Tour included an eco-tour of the Columbia River Gorge, a light rail tour, a visit to a community garden, a dinner at a local restaurant and tour of the rooftop garden, a walking tour, and many panel presentations ranging from sustainable urban food systems to the role of NGOs in sustainable Portland.


U.S. Department of the Interior, 2010 Conference on the Environment

Over 600 participants in the DOI's 2010 Conference on the Environment, "Greening the Interior," descended on Portland to learn about the city's appraoches to sustainability from climate action  to transit development. First Stop Portland worked with its brain trust adviory council to develop a set of walking tours that highlighted Portland's historic building restoration and renovation efforts, green building development, and bike and pedestrain initiaives. Following these tours, participants were invited to attend a reception with Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Assistant Secretary of the Interior Rhea Suh.


World Bank, LCSSD (Sustainable Development Department for Latin America and Caribbean Regions)

This delegation’s  interests included sustainable urban infrastructure; transit options and policy; reducing carbon foot print in urban centers; PDX Climate Action Plan, land use (authority, policy and practice); water management and environmental services; mitigation efforts; port-city interface; and municipal finance and governance. This delegation took away strategies to help the LAC region develop more sustainably by visiting sites from HUD's Hope VI housing project at New Columbia to the Community Cycling Center and by talking with leaders from local government, community banks, private industry amd environmental NGOs.


Simon Fraser University Geography & Planning Students and Faculty 

The delegation is visited Portland to learn about and experience the innovative and ground-breaking approaches to sustainability currently underway in the city. Their tour incorporated a range of scales—from grassroots initiatives to regional governance—in in an effort to demonstrate the complex interplay of moving parts that makes Portland a capitol of sustainability and livability.


A few more visitors...

  • Professors from King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, for a 'preview ' Greenline tour of the new Max line. A Senior Project Development Manager at TriMet, speaks about transportation and land use in the Portland region

  • Cincinnati, Ohio elected officials and business and civic leaders. Informal discussion/conversation with Portland business strategists around developing marketing plans for their streetcar transit project. Meeting at Howard S.Wright Constructors

  • City council and staff, Nagoya, Japan. Morning presentations on land-use programs, green initiatives, LEED building programs, afternoon pedestrian tour with Lynn Weigand. This afternoon tour also included 10 - 15 Taiwan visitors participating in PSU's Executive Leadership Council (ELI).

  • Business leaders from Victoria, BC, Canada interested in food security systems, sustainable agriculture practices. Dinner Friday evening with Dr. Ethan Seltzer. Keynote: "Portland: Land of Small Things."

  • Oakland, California mostly interested in our transit programs, but also the broader "Portland Story." Afternoon bike tour with visitors from Amsterdam and Oakland. Followed by a reception at Group Mackenzie with representatives from the German Marshall Fund.