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Networking + Social Events

Relationships can be as important as experiences and information. First Stop Portland helps visitors make meaningful connections with Portland's green "brain trust" through strategic networking and social events.


Working Lunches

Elected officials from Brazil discuss the Central Eastside Industrial Sanctuary with a local planner over lunch at a local cafe. 

Banquets + Receptions

Gatherings like this one in Portland's Pearl District offer visiting delegations an opportunity to converse informally with Portland's experts. 

Cocktails + Microbrews

Documentary crew from French station ARTE debriefs with Portland State Students at a microbrewery. (See their documentary online.) 

Home Visits

A local bicycle planning expert hosted a European mayoral delegation for a Pacific Northwest dinner of local salmon and fresh berries. 


Diplomatic Functions

First Stop Portland has helped cities around the globe forge MOUs and official partnerships with the City of Portland. Read about one of these partnerships here.