Student Opportunities

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Authentic Voices in an International Dialogue

First Stop Portland offers PSU students a unique opportunity for hands-on, real world experience. In addition to organizing study tours for leaders from around the globe, they share their stories alongside Portland's "Brain Trust" from local organizations.

  • Designing and leading Study Tours
  • Working alongside our Advisory Council members
  • Reflecting on  best practices with local experts
  • Leading debrief sessions with visitors from around the globe

Professional Development

As a volunteer with First Stop Portland, students work closely with First Stop Portland staff as well as with experts from Portland and around the world. They gain valuable skills and opportunities such as:

  •  Communicating with global experts
  •  Traveling to present on urban sustainability
  •  Internships with local agencies and private firms
  •  Fellowships and other academic awards
  •  Acceptance by premier graduate programs
  •  Jobs in your field, locally and abroad


Networking with Global Leadership

First stop Portland Student Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to exchange information and ideas with leaders from around the world. Whether designing study tours, planning with local experts, attending events, or debriefing with visitors, First Stop's student ambassadors are in the center of the program's activities.  Visitors from the U.S. and abroad include:

  • Heads of state and elected officials from Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America as well the U.S.
  • Professionals from all sectors, including planners, scientists, outreach and marketing, and CEOS 
  • Admission to national and international professional and academic conferences

Students work closely with leaders from the public, private, non-for-profit, and university sectors, including:

  • Metro, City of Portland, Multnomah County and TriMet
  • DHM Research, PLACE+ Studio, JE Dunn, THA Architecture, Melvin Mark Capital Group, Walker Macy, Alta Planning + Design, GBD Architects, Green Building Services and many more...
  • Friends of Trees, City Repair Project, The Rebuilding Center of Our United Villages, The June Key Delta Community Center, the Urban Greenspaces Institute and more...
  • Faculty and administration from Portland State University

 Hands-On Experience

Our student ambassadors are exposed to best practices in the field of sustainability alongside experts from the Metro region and beyond. First Stop Ambassadors represent a range of disciplines from across the university and apply their experiences with First Stop in a variety of study areas:

  •  Sustainable Urban Development

  •  International Economics & Business

  •  Community Development

  •  Transportation Planning

  •  Civic Engagement

  •  Urban Design & Placemaking

  •  Leadership for Sustainability Education

  •  Urban Policy and Planning

  •  Natural Resource Management

  •  Community Organization & Change

  •  Real Estate Development

  •  Public Administration

  •  Regional Economies & Governance

  •  Food Systems

  •  Green Building Practices

  •  Energy Efficiency

  •  And many more...


Not ready to fill out an application, but want to learn more? Email the First Stop Portland Student Coordinator for more information.