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Field Studies + Site Visits

Field studies are extended periods of study in the city or region, often made up of visits to particular sites of interest. They give visitors an opportunity to experience Portland's sustainability practices on the streets and in the daily life of the city. Although site visits and field studies for each study are custom-designed according to the delegation's area of inquiry, below are examples of site visits and field studies previously offered by First Stop Portland.


FIELD STUDY: Urban Renewal in the Interstate Corridor

Riding TriMet's MAX Yellow Line through Northeast Portland, this study tour examined the relationship between transit, civic engagment, public art and TOD in the Interstate Urban Renewal Corridor. It also highlighted strategies for revitalizing Historic Main Streets and increasing density in existing neighborhoods. and discussed the gentrification impacts of redevelopment efforts.

FIELD STUDY: Suburban TOD-Hillsboro and Orenco Station

Hillsboro is home to Oregon's largest employer, Intel, a economic driver in the Metro region. This study tour examined ways that mixed use projects in the Hillsboro's historic downtown and nearby Orenco Station (a New Urbanist town center built in conjunction with TriMet’s Westside light rail) support public investment by creating active pedestrian districts within walking distance of transit stations.

FIELD STUDY: Portland's LEED Neighborhood South Waterfront

South Waterfront is Portland’s big leap towards high-rise, high-density urban living. The product of creative public-private partnerships, this LEED ND is served by an aerial tram, streetcar, bikeways, walking trails and a soon-to-be-built transit bridge. This field study highlighted innovation in the district including landscape design, environmental restoration, financing strategies and green building and infrastructure.

SITE VISIT: The ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages

The ReBuilding Center diverts the region’s largest volume of reusable building and remodeling materials from landfills (approximately 8 tons per day). The revenue generated from their activities supports the work of their affiliated non-profit, Our United Villages, which encourages community-building practices that contribute to healthier, more vibrant neighborhood

SITE VISIT: The Collaborative Life Sciences Project

Three of Oregon's top universities are partnering to house their general sciences instruction and research activities under one roof. An anchor of Portland's "Innovation Quadrant", the "Collab" construction site visit gave delegates a close-up look at cutting-edge green building practices alongside construction of the region's newest--and only carfree--bridge project.

SITE VISIT: Leatherman Tool Manufacturing Facility

As part of a week-long study tour on sustainable, local business, Brazilian officials toured this manufacturing facility with the CEO to learn the company's history and better understand ways the company is employing socially and environmentally responsible business practices while remaining competitive in the global marketplace.