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Preston Neumann
Preston Neumann

Preston was born in the state of Washington, but quickly found himself in Oregon where we spent his childhood. Attending Western Oregon University in the small city of Monmouth, OR. Preston made the most of his time and quickly involved himself in leadership roles on campus.

After serving as a Resident Assistant his sophomore year, Preston felt encouraged to participate in the Resident Assistant National Student Exchange. Preston re-located to Flagstaff Arizona, where he worked as an RA at Northern Arizona University in Sechrist Hall. After his exchange, Preston returned to WOU for his senior year and served as an Advising RA, where he was given the opportunity to advise new student leaders as they built on their skills as Hall Government members.

Preston Graduated from Western Oregon University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing in Education and Humanities, with a heavy course load in communication. Preston hopes to combine his knowledge of residence life and interpersonal communication with his desire to help students grow personally and academically to reach their fullest potential. He is excited to make a difference in the lives of PSU students and the community of Portland.

In his free time, Preston enjoys hiking, cooking/eating, exploring, and getting involved in as many intramural sports as possible!