West Heating Plant

Building Code 
930 SW Hall Street, Portland, Oregon 97201
Year Built 
1966; 1974

The West Heating Plant is located at the very southern end of SW Eleventh, just west of the Peter Stott Center and above the Twelfth Avenue exit ramp from Interstate 405. The building is not open to the public.

West Heating Plant supplies steam for heat and chilled water for air conditioning through a tunnel system to the Stott Center, Millar Library, Science One, SRTC and XSB. It also contains an emergency power generator that feeds the Stott Center and Millar in the event of a power failure.

Designed by Wolff & Zimmer, construction on the West Heating Plant was completed on October 15, 1966 as part of the Health & Physical Education Building (now Peter Stott Center) project. Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects designed an addition to the plant completed in 1974, which doubled the size of the building and added an additional boiler. Included along with the addition was a new direct burial steam and condensate return line north along SW 11th into Science Building 2 (now SRTC) to serve the science buildings and DCE (now Parkmill).

Square Footage
Gross Square Footage: 6,379
Net Assignable Square Footage: 559

ADA Accessibility