Parking Structure 3

Parking Structure 3, 2014
Building Code 
1631 SW 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201
Year Built 
1979; 1981; 2001

Parking Structure 3 is PSU's largest parking facility. Located at the south end of a long block between SW Montgomery, 12th, Market, and 13th. Including its roof and basement, Parking Three is a seven-level structure featuring 1,138 parking spaces. It was originally constructed as a three-floors structure in 1979; an additional two-floors were added in 2001.

Vehicles may enter and exit from 12th or 13th Avenues. Stairs are located at the center of the east side and at the southeast corner on 12th Avenue and at the northwest and southwest corners on 13th Avenue. There is an elevator on the east-side of the building added as part of the 2001 expansion.

Project History:
Vertical expansion & envelope replacement, 2001, Fletcher, Farr, Ayotte 
South half construction, 1981, Zaik & Miller 
North half construction, 1979, Zaik & Miller

Square Footage
Gross Square Footage: 348,933
Net Assignable Square Footage: 324,456

ADA Accessibility