Art Building and Art Annex

Art Building
Building Code 
2000 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201 (Annex: 1990 SW 5th)
Year Built 
1926; 1965

The Art Building is a 31,867 square foot, Bauhaus style, stucco/glass building on the east side of SW 5th Avenue between Lincoln and College Street. It consists of three levels above ground, a basement level below street level, and parking. The Art Building is attached to the Art Build Annex and both structures were acquired in 2001 for $2.75 million.

Prior to their acquisition, the Art Building & Annex served as the Bassist College and Art Institute beginning in September, 1976. The Art Building was built in 1965 and originally served as a bank called the Silver Centre prior to its acquisition by the Bassist College. The Annex, originally a carriage house or cargo hold, was constructed in 1926 and was at one time called simply the Montgomery Building. The Art Building & Annex have received two exterior renovations: one in 1998 by the EDMC Facilities Division, and the other completed in 2009 by GBD Architects. The Art Building’s distinctive “ART” exterior on its 5th Avenue side is a product of the 2009 renovation.

2000 SW 5th Building Naming History:
Silver Centre bank, 1965-circa 1976
Bassist Building, 1976-1999
Portland Art Institute Building (AIB), 1999-2002
Art Building, September 26, 2002-present

Building Occupants:
School of Art and Design 

Additional Resources:
All Gender Restrooms: Four single-occupancy restrooms in the following locations: Floor 1 - Rooms 102 & 103; Floor 3 - Rooms 302 & 303.

Square Footage:
Gross Square Footage: 31,867
Net Assignable Square Footage: 22,931

ADA Accessibility